Point well missed

Have just finished reading Chippy Hipkins attempt to belittle John Keys article.

Regardless of the content in either article, what our friendly Alfred E Neuman Look-alike has done is, almost as predicted, missed the most important of the 3 messages.

The three messages from this article are two for the Labour party (1) & (2) and one (3) for his old Party.

1.  The entire covid respnse to date has been an expensive mis-manage shambles.  Good thing the statement is correct and Chippy got the point and unleashed the usual Labour response – play the man.

2. You can improve your efforts in vaccinating by offering incentives rather than make threats and repeating ineffective messages demeaning the unvaccinated.

3. His reference to any effective alternative was to ACT, not National 

Wakey Wakey Judith


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