Political Puzzle

Question 1

Some more ‘Number Plate’ combinations to be rescinded/recalled because Green Party MP’s might get offended, which of the following…?

  1. KYR                        Kids Yelling Retard
  2. GPW                      Green Party W*nkers
  3. BTM                       Bully Trevor Mallard
  4. CTM                       C*#t Trevor Mallard (actually I want this one)

Question 2

Under Fatboy-C’s (he is no longer R I have promoted him) new regime which of the following new Ministerial posts will be created?

  1. Minister of School Lunches
  2. Minister for the Implementation of School Lunches
  3. Minister for Maori Kids School Lunches
  4. Minister of Other Kids School Lunches
  5. Minster for the Oversight of Children Eating School Lunches
  6. Options a), b), c), e). (lets be honest they don’t give a rats left one for the majority)

Question 3

McGillicuddy Serious Party campaigned on the slogan ‘The Great Leap Backwards’.  They would likely fail again as a party today as Fatboy-C has usurped which of their possible policies….?

  1. Wage freeze
  2. Debt mountain
  3. Increase debt to fund the Welfare State
  4. They have ‘Dog’ (more of a ‘Pig’) in their party
  5. All of the above – a return to Muldoonism (and the great leap backwards)

Question 4

Fatboy-C is searching around for the definition of Budget.  New entry to the Planet B dikshunerry, chose your preference?

  1. The plane carrying the doobies (Bud-Jet).
  2. What happens when you try to move something and you can only just (budge-it).
  3. The name of the new New Zealand national airline after the next refer-and-dumb.
  4. A cartoon about a dog called Bud and his toy jet .

(Thanks for your input Reader Phil – it was the last quiz where we dealt with NZ’s lack of education and only had option a))

Question 5

Apparently JA has asked the In house bully to lead a committee into examining parliamentary behaviour.  The end report will be titled ……..

  1. te haerenga ki te rapu I an an arsehole
  2. Ko ahau he arsehole mahi i te mea kaore i te penei i taku
  3. Kao Kaore au e mahi ana he kaitukino koe
  4. Ki to whakaaro ko wai koe he uwha

(Translations courtesy of Google translate so don’t blame us if they are nonsense – if you voted left you should get it – ha ha ha ha)

Question 6

Alternate names suggested were…

  1. Set a thief to catch a thief – but Megan was busy not building houses
  2. Parliamentary Privilege, where would we be without it?
c)       Ko taku ripoata huna mo te aha koe i raupatu ai (my hidden report into why you are still a rapist)
  • Tuhia nga mea e pai ana ki a koe, ka huna e maatau a maatau kaupapa huna mai i te iwi whanui na te mea kaore o maatau tikanga ka kii atu matou ki a ratau he kuare rawa ratou ki te maarama. (Write what you like, we will hide our hidden agenda from the public because we have no manners and we will tell them they are too dumb to understand it)

Quote of the day

The only thing we have to fear – Is Grant Robertson and his Budget

FDR May 2021

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