Political Puzzle (no longer quiz time, puzzle seems more apt)

Question 1

Container port operators report ‘unexpectedly’ high freight volumes.  These are unexpected because…

  1. these dummies do not get that when you cancel the majority of airfreight people use sea freight – Duh
  2. The 3 deaths at Ports of Auckland that have caused this bottleneck relate to supervisors not actually supervising and accidents happening where people weren’t supposed to be – oops we can’t say that
  3. The new automated system may in fact be slower than the gantry system – we can’t say that either – oops  
  4. If we weren’t so heavily unionised we could hire some actual workers – another oops

Question 2

Megan Woods has now spent three days naming the 71 times the last government, before the last government, (so a cheap shot 3 and a bit years late) also committed fraud (like she did).  So far she has identified

  1. Not a Whaken won (to use 1w1 terms)
  2. Nil
  3. Nada
  4. Can I quit now ——-   YES      Please

Question 3

First culturally sensitif word for the Planet B dictionary


  1. Murray for ‘I wee’
  2. Abbreviation for – I am unemployed all I do is play on a WI
  3. Murray version of the game  ‘eye spy with my 5 eyes’ (Eye/Wi (Wi our Chinese overlord)  – rules written by Tane Mahuta’s smaller but rounder sister
  4. Abbreviation for International Wokers Institute – NZ being the founding member nation.

Note Murray is Mike King’s version of Maori – himself a Murray – we are not a racialist site remember, just avid replicators

Question 4

UK MP’s have observed NZ is cosying up to China. We are cosying up to China because ….

  1. They are our bankers and they own us
  2. Ardern is a self confessed communist (hasn’t realised China isn’t any more – she is a bit slow)
  3. Like China her Junta, has and is, failing on climate change
  4. They can send us more and dirtier coal than Indonesia can when Megan finishes fucking up the energy sector
  5. She likes their takeaways and Red dresses
  6. We only have to add one more star to the flag (same for Aussie too)

Question 5

Predict the future for centralised NZ government based on historical evidence

USSR – State enforced Socialism led to mass Poverty led to Corrupt government officials led to political collapse and corrupt leadership

China – State enforced Communism led to mass Executions and mass poverty led to corrupt government officials led to reversal of political ethos and corrupt leadership

Cuba – State enforced Communism in its purist form – mass poverty

New Zealand

Fill in the blank based on recent form – we have given you some to help

  1. Corrupt government officials                                      (tick)
  2. Increased poverty                                                           (tick)
  3. Systemic incompetence and corruption                  (tick)

Question 6

Along with the newly discovered Governmentuim, Which of the following chemical states is next most likely to be added to the periodic table?

  1. Propagandium
  2. Covdium
  3. WeRfuckedium
  4. Bankruptium      (破产的)

Quote of the Day

I will not pretend that, if I had to choose between describing Jacinda and Fatboy-r’s style of government, Communism or Nazi-ism, I would choose Communism.                                                                                

Winston Churchill            April 2021

Good news for the NZ flock – JA and Fatboy-R could still go either way (or both). They still need to ensure they can find the firing squads – the Chinese overlords can always step up here

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