Political Puzzle

Question 1

Fatboy has decided to give himself more direct powers over private enterprise buy regulating bank lending policy,  this is to promote ‘democratic legitimacy’ or…

  1. Is consistent with Socialist and National Socialist doctrine
  2. Is because I am not allowed to do anything at home by my boyfriend so I just become a power hungry twat at work (emphasis on twat)
  3. I am not fucking it up quick enough and need to piss the proper banks off so they leave the country and we can takeover and fully centralise banking as well.
  4. I actually don’t understand my Chinese bosses told me to do it

Question 2

Is this the best Tui Ad government ever?  You chose.

  1. It is up to the man who snuck from Perth to NZ to “…be honest with his declarations”, and Trevor mallard isn’t a bully (insert Ad here).
  2. I have taken over lending policy to ‘…promote ‘democratic legitimacy’’ and Megan Woods did not mis-appropriate money, the judge was wrong (Ad)
  3. We said we would put 1800 more cops on the beat which has not happened But Gun violence has not increased (ad again)
  4. How do you solve the housing problems of too many people and not enough houses? A new tax? Nah!  250 houses should be enough eh Megan (Ad of course)  

Question 3

Recently president Xi Jinping was overheard commenting about NZ’s role in 5 eyes, loosely translated he said…

  1. Where are my effing fishing quota’s?
  2. Perhaps we can screw some beef out of them as well as all the information they don’t know we are stealing
  3. Why is such a small village pissing me off so much?
  4. Ha ha ha ha ha how big is their military again?  No, really? 

Question 4

The Greens are now expressing concerns about the standard of emergency housing.  This raises a bit of a “so what”, because….

  1. They have been part of the coalition government that, for the last four years, has failed to resolved the supply side of the housing shortage
  2. Even many of these temporary housing arrangements have mould in them,  so what, mould is green, aren’t they all about green
  3. Get them to live in tents and get closer to nature and hug some trees
  4. We have too many cars according to the Greens get them to live in one of those

Question 5

Labour are said to be going ahead with the Light Rail to…somewhere/nowhere/Helen’s place,  yet cancelling their budget for roads of significance and improved roads, because they are running out of money.  This is an issue because…

  1. Fatboy-R has no idea what he has spent, is spending and has promised to spend 
  2. The Chinese want their money back early and/or take our fish (not buy) now, and have already stared printing the new signs for New Zealand – Xīnxīlán
  3. They new tax policy to raise money through removing tax deductions for interest will fail as it is in the UK, and he will have to pay beneficiary tenants more to pay the landlords to then pay the taxes (and here we go around again)
  4. We do not have any assets to sell to pay back the debt and the next generation has worked out they need to get out of dodge or face austerity measures to pay for his experiment in communism

Question 6

New New Zealand place names in Mandarin (as provided by google translate)

  1. Xīnxīlán
  2. Àokèlán shì
  3. Huìlíngdùn
  4. Yī diàn shān jiānyù wéi zhèngzhì yì jiàn rénshì


New Zealand

Mt Eden Prison for political dissidents


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Winston Churchill            April 2021

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