Political Puzzlement

Question 1

On reading the article where a Government Department ignored the Act by ignoring the Good Faith provisions, I noted the job title of the clip board operator they interviewed was … “the deputy chief executive of people and capability” (in my day the assistant HR person).  Which led me to thinking I need to add some high and nonsense sounding job titles for my staff, which of the following have I added to their business cards… 

  1. Senior Assistant to the Deputy Emergency Evacuation Manager (or the guy who helps the cleaners employee to clean our shitters)
  2. Chief executive of sustenance procurement and beverages (or the tea leady)
  3. Executive manager for illumination and light filtration enhancement  (the window cleaner)
  4. Chief executive of actuality information processing (tax accountant)

Question 2

We have been told some of our questions may be too hard under the new education system.  Finally now using one of my two masters degrees (being Education), answer the following question from the option(s) provided.

Which recent government has become synonymous with the Tui Ad, the Claytons Ad and the Muppet show for their clear and manifest incompetence…?

  1. Labour

Question 3

Using the same educational process that guarantees educational success for even your dumbest child (hey we all have one that just slipped over the retard number).  Which Speaker of the House is prone to making defamatory statements under the cowardice of ‘privilege’ and then lying about it?

  1. Trevor Mallard

Question 4

In the mid 1980’s which Hamilton East Labour candidate was outvoted by the Dog (actual dog) put up as a candidate by the McGillicuddy Serious Party?

  1. Trevor Mallard

(In fairness I think the dag came third behind Tony (Stainless) Steel and Trevor. Hey my first wife observed we got a Dog in parliament one way or the other)

Question 5

Even allowing for party leader having extra budgets, which MP has cost the country the most money in the last 3 years?

  1. Trevor Mallard

Question 6

Wellington City Councillor Simon Woolf also recently accused of bullying looks remarkably like which politician?

  1. Trevor Mallard

(Doppelgänger or related? Your call)

Quote of the Day

The Date of the release of the He Puapua report – a date which will live in Infamy – the population of New Zealand was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the woke crappism that has become the NZ  Labour Party.  A state of war…

FDR May 2021

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