Political Puzzles

Question 1

A former Green Party Candidate is taking exception to registrations numbers the start with NGR?  After it was explained to me this could be misconstrued as an abbreviation for the dreaded “N” word, I understand how much of a mental deficient you now need to be to be considered for the Green party.  Other misinterpreted abbreviations he may wish to ban could be…

  1. Nepal Government Railways (How dare they)
  2. NGR racing products  (for the 100 meter hurdle enthusiast perhaps?) 
  3. North Gloucester Realty (segregated communities I assume?)        
  4. Better have a word to the National Geospatial Reference System (NGRS) too.

I am normally fairly colour-blind but this guy’s tiny minded approach to Woke life has definitely grated.  He must be fairly warped to get an “N” word from there. What the fuck is Niger (NGR) going to do at the Olympics?

Question 2

NZ is apparently slipping further behind the world in all aspects of education, not just maths.  This process commenced….

  1. During the Clark/Cullen government when the Woke process started and grades were removed for ‘statements of achievement’ because we did not want to ‘ damage the psyche’ of our children
  2. During the Clark/Cullen government when the Woke process started and ‘streaming’ of students was deemed a damaging form of classification.
  3. During the Clark/Cullen government when NCEA (No Chance Ever Academically) was introduced.
  4. Good news though, as now we have teachers who qualified under NCEA, trying to teach NCEA, we will become exponentially (a maths term – to the power of….) dumber, faster. 

Question 3

Customs employees have several options open to them as they look to bring legal action against the very Government that created the Good Faith provisions in the employment law and then appear to have acted in bad faith

  1. Seek awards for constructive dismissal
  2. Seek awards for unfair dismissal
  3. Seek award for wrongful dismissal
  4. Seek compensation from their employer (the ‘gummint’) for acting in Bad Faith and in breach of the Bill of Rights Act
  5. Vote anyone but Labour

Come on, there has to be an Ambulance chaser Lawyer or employment consultant out there that can help these people.

Question 4

Once again (an almost weekly occurrence) Fatboy-R has announced another committee for more politico’s to donut on.  The role is to supervise the other Committee’s , he is going to call this one

  1. The Central Committee
  2. The Politburo
  3. The Soviet
  4. 中国共产党全国代表大会

Question 5

How do you know when a tax policy introduced to stem house prices increases has failed from inception? Is it…?

  1. House prices hit new record highs each month, month on month for the next 3 months
  2. Even small town Property managers are now reporting insufficient rental stock and rents increasing exponentially as people are forced out of the ‘main’ markets
  3. The Minister for Emergency Housing (a Labour led coalition portfolio only) has had to ask Fatboy-R for more money and is now passing some of the cost of emergency housing on to tenants – who are reporting they now need to increase their emergency accommodation supplement claim (and here we go around again)
  4. Sorry what was the question?  Tax policy and House price inflation are proven to be unrelated in just about every other county in the world.

Question 6

The author of the Maori Self –determination report is disappointed that there is ‘discussion’ around their report.  They are disappointed because they

  1. Believed they could write a report full of contentious nonsense and get away with there being no comment.
  2. JA said we are all dumb and we would accept their viewpoint without question (guess what she lied (again)). 
  3. To publish anything at all (plant-b excepted) and expect no comment or review is either utterly arrogant or totally unintelligent

Quote of the Day

You can always count on Labour to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.

Winston Churchill   May 2021

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