Political Puzzles Part 3

Question 1

Fatboy-R announced NZers understood why the rest of the world needed the vaccines first. Among the reason given were

  1. Actually we didn’t understand, the population is infected by dumb and has accepted you and the propaganda facilitators have just made up yet another story that we did understand
  2. NZ never in fact ‘paid’ anything we and the propaganda facilitators have been group thinking you and lying to you for 4 years
  3. NZ got told by the manufacturers we just weren’t going to get them so make something up to tell your people, we don’t care if you try to make your showers of shit government look good, just don’t mention us.

Question 2

Fatboy-R and the propaganda facilitators tried unsuccessfully to disparage comparisons to him and Muldoon,  his efforts were unsuccessful because…

  1. Muldoon raised mountains of debt to fund both saleable infrastructure and fund the social welfare state, Fatboy-R is just raising debt to fund the welfare state (a known historical dead end)
  2. Muldoon understood economics and acted anyway, Fatboy-R passed Home economics at intermediate – just the sewing I believe as there was never any of the cooking left to grade
  3. There really is no comparison,  Muldoon was the actual party leader, Fatboy-R was knifed by JA when he tried to become leader and sold his sole to support her
  4. Muldoon had had a proper job and owned a business before he came to power,  Fatboy-R not so much.

Question 3

The Greens are back on the ‘must introduce rent controls’ bandwagon.  Which of the following current policies of the Coalition have been tried and failed?  Match the policy to the country

  1. Ring-fencing rental losses
  2. Removal of Interest deductibility for rental mortgages
  3. Rent controls
  4. New Deal style ‘borrow and spend’ style economic plans

United States & NAZIS Germany


United Kingdom/

Every country that has ever tried them

Question 4

One of the propaganda facilitators observed the public had the right to know where and when public funds are being sent on emergency housing.  While a correct statement, they can’t expect an answer because…

  1. The shower of shit running the place have no idea
  2. It is irrelevant because the shower of shit have not solved the supply side of the equation so the question is good, but still irrelevant
  3. The committee that would have these answers was abolished by Komrade/Comrade Fatboy-R in May last year (just as Goering did in 1933)
  4. All of the above  

Starting to get the picture, dummy?

Question 5

I recently read the article 8 misconceptions about the Covid vaccine.  While normally pro-vaccine this did little to convince me because…

  1. No medical evidence was proffered to support any aspect of this position other than the Director of Medicine (an expert in non-infectious diseases), said too.
  2. It referred to the Government as the one source of the truth (Goebbels’ (the father of filthy political propaganda) favourite retort, (even though this ‘shower’ have now been caught out lying more than almost any previous government))
  3. The vaccine does not stop you getting the disease (refer JA admissions around the hotel cleaner), or transmitting the disease, or getting sick, or….   (basically an expense useless jab) 
  4. The overall tone of the article implied it was compulsory, even though that would be a breach of the Bill of Rights Act

Question 6

I propose that for the foreseeable all public buildings fly their flags at half mast to reflect the …

  1. The passing of the truth
  2. The passing of our personal freedom and freedom of choice
  3. The death of our economy 
  4. The birth of apartheid in NZ

Quote of the day

We shall isolate our island, whatever the cost in billions may be, we shall hide on the beaches, we shall hide in our homes, we shall abandon the fields and the streets, we shall make compulsory ineffective vaccinations; we have long since surrendered.                Winston Churchill May 2021

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