Political Puzzles

Question 1

Help needed again with Dictionary definition.


  1. The act of moving the government of a small city state (such as say NZ) in an oppressive dogmatic (almost religious like) way.
  2. To express one’s opinions in a pompous and dogmatic way.
  3. To set yourself up as the leader (akin to the papal model) of the small city state (say NZ) then expound a failed Political ethos with followers who blindly believe the ‘new religion’
  4. To prolifically build bridges in France (Pont = bridge in Francais)

Question 2

Several members of the Propaganda Facilitators are showing signs of independent thought.  They have recently reported….

  1. That JA does not do pressers when her party is seriously in the shitter and she has no ideas or answers.  
  2. They are starting to get that the new Hate speech legislation is subjective not objective and so even saying something like ‘the All Blacks had a shocker’. Could be construed as hate poor for national morale and therefore hate speech.
  3. Many are realising and reporting that while the health system is indeed broken the ‘conceptual model proposed simply shuffles around the bureaucracy and creates a racist system, but does not solve the problems 
  4. Go Mike, you were absolutely right about her lack of ticker and moral fibre.

Question 3

Planet B are starting a campaign to have the name of the men’s national rugby team change, All Blacks is obviously racist (we are Woke if nothing else).  Suggestions so far….

  1. The Rainbow Rugby team “The Rainbows”  (that’s got to be worth $427 Mill to someone)
  2. The LGBT + H 1st XV  or HLGBT 1st XV (we needed to somehow include that minority called the hetro’s)
  3. The National 15 (see below there should only be one)
  4. Woke NZ XV

We are also concerned that the selection of the above mentioned ‘All Blacks’ continues to be gender biased, NZ should lead the world in breaking all sports down to all national teams being ‘mixed/shared gender’ teams. 

This will halve the number of sporting bodies, allow for centralisation of all sport administration and selection and lead to reduce cost and a more Woke non-entity society.

Question 4

Tourism operators have reported there has not been surge in Australian Tourism as predicted by the Minister and JA.  (but predicted by Planet B) This is because ….

  1. The ski season hasn’t started yet and that is the only reasons they come here
  2. This is not Bali, Singapore or Hong Kong
  3. Aussies are not Chinese
  4. JA & the Minister are idiots

Question 5

Megan woods confirmed the completion of 250 houses so far this year.  This is an important milestone as it ….

  1. Quantifies Labour as being 7,750 houses short since being re-elected
  2. Confirms Labour as being 21,750 houses short since being first elected
  3. Is all she could build with the money left over from what she mis-appropriated (can she ever be trusted again)
  4. She did not say they built them, that was what has just been built, probably includes private speculators and everyone else (can’t trust her really)

Question 6

Recent research reports that NZ’s lockdown is likely to be the lockdown to have the greatest negative financial impact on its population.  In the era of free and open government our current (c) and predicted (p) debt levels are/will be

  1. c. 45B    p. 145B
  2. c. 50B    p. 145B
  3. c. 28B    p. 165B
  4. c. 45B    p. 165B

Remember we started with +15B in the bank. 

Also remember Fatboy, Roosevelt’s new deal economics, you are so fond of quoting was failing, he got out of it by having a World war

Quote of the day

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

Winston Churchill

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