Politicians and Power Costs.

Interesting post on Kiwiblog today about power prices and the realities of generation.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that clean renewable energy typically comes at the cost of reliability.

Fossil fuels are what released man kind from the slavery of all our labour being born from blood, sweat and tears.

But now the media and politicians have turned CO2 into a villain that threatens our very existence, the public expect our power to be generated from fairy dust and unicorn farts.

We are now experiencing the result of moving rapidly towards a utopian land and the decisions like oil and gas bans only make it more difficult.

The coal-fired station at Huntly is now running flat out and it seems that the “last ditch” oil fired gas turbines at Whirinaki are being called on.

And we want electric cars to plug into this fossil fuel generated power?

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