Poor Little Bugger!

With crime seemingly out of control & the public & shop owners increasingly feeling helpless, take comfort in the notion that all it takes to get action swiftly is throw a Lamington. Now that by itself is obviously not going to get you a squad car with 4 burly boys in blue to sort out your issue. But if you are Grant Robertson, then you’ll get swift & immediate action. Must be nice to be one of the chosen few aye Grant!


Ram raiding? Oh sorry theres only so much we can do! But if you dare to throw a Lamington at a politician, then watch out! You’ll get immediate police attention! At least Steven Joyce took a Dildo to the face like a champ! Robertson is so lost in his own self importance & obviously oblivious to just how hated he & his fellow Labour MP’s really are! Roll on 2023 election!

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