Post-Vaccination Deaths

I am a pro vaccination person, I believe it is a treatment option that saves multitudes of lives and suffering. The facts are there with long term data on how vaccinating people, statistically speaking, has had some great results medically.

However, nothing is infallible and there are cases where a routine vaccination has been a terrible thing for someone to go through. I personally know someone who had a vaccination for a number of diseases including smallpox that almost killed her and ended up with massive scarring. Surprisingly, this person is not an antivaxxer herself. But she does warn people of the dangers and is a firm believer of never taking a first generation vaccine.

I also admit that I was one of those Facebook warriors that told antivaxxers they were a stain on society. I was always keen to tell them they were endangering others with their choices and they were anti science. I am a little more researched now, a little less of the mind to blindly follow science, well that’s not true. I am now more interested in the actual science rather than the media version.

COVID-19 is an interesting one, as unlike many ailments that have been controlled by vaccines (ones that have been developed over many many years of testing). We have a rushed through vaccine, using new technology to battle a disease that is not that lethal.

Yes there have been deaths, and in numbers that our brain sees as huge numbers, but the reality is the death rate pales in comparison to multitudes of other causes of death. The reality is for more than 99% of people who contract COVID, they will survive. 95% will get zero to mild flu like symptoms. Its hardly a repeat of the Spanish Flu. in fact ill post a comparison of the two at the bottom of this article

This makes the following statistics interesting as while they are what you would call acceptable collateral damage. It is rather concerning given the risk of the virus.

“Data from vaccine adverse event reporting systems in the US (VAERS), the EU (EUDRA) and the UK (MHRA) indicates that COVID vaccinations have already been associated with about 3000 deaths and several thousand non-trivial ‘adverse events’, including anaphylactic (allergic) shocks, temporary facial paralysis, cardiovascular disorders, and, in some cases, miscarriages. These figures may be an underestimate, as vaccine reporting systems typically cover only a fraction of adverse events.”

3000 deaths compared to millions of vaccinations or COVID deaths seems pretty small, but it is significant in terms of medical safety standards. It is also unknown what the long term effects of the vaccine will be. The Pfizer vaccine is due to finish its clinical trial in January 2023 – yet so many are ready and waiting to get the vaccine. Today a friend told me he is at the front of the queue so he can travel again. Chances are he will have no challenge with the vaccine, but we don’t know the long term challenges the vaccine may deliver. Chances are he would have no issue with catching COVID too.

The data so far from the vaccine roll out is that 1 week after having the 2nd jab, 65% of the over 80’s will develop immunity and 90% of under 80’s will. All we know thus far is the vaccine gives you protection for 3 months minimum. We don’t yet know how long it will last past 3 months.

What is a little more concerning with the vaccine roll out is the number of Viral Immunologists who have stated they wouldn’t take the current vaccines. In a rather enlightening presentation Dr. Byram Bridle explains how the vaccine and its roll out is likely to cause a super strain of the virus that we have no protection against. Of course it might not but he isn’t the only one. Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche has sent out a warning to all that will bother to take notice. you can read that here

The concern here is that for vaccinations to work and provide protection against current and future health risks, you require a good percentage of “buy-in” from the public. Up until recently at least 90% of the public had faith in vaccinations. A recent poll had 25% of the population saying they wouldn’t take the vaccine, a further 22% were unsure.

If the COVID vaccine ends up with a lot of long term heath issues or sprouts a super deadly version it could spell the end of people buying into vaccinations rendering them useless.

What is more likely is the virus will burn out and become a distant memory, As did its counterpart in 2003. But that wont be due to medical intervention, it will be due to the nature of viruses and populations response to them. It of course wont have stopped the fortunate drug companies from making an absolute fortune from another viral scare though.

We now seem to live in the error of cash for crises, Create a scare with some half baked science and media support and then cash in on the solution.

Just remember that prior to COVID between 300,000 to 2,000,000 people died per year from the flu. No one knows the true number because we didn’t fascinate ourselves with the daily deaths like we have with COVID. in 1958/59 and 68/69 millions died from the flu. this is when the population was half what it is now but that didn’t stop the world in its tracks. you have to wonder why…

1918 Flu Pandemic versus 2020/21 COVID deaths per 100,000

In New Zealand it is 9000 vs 26

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