Prediction for the vote count

Its showtime, what we do know is there is going to be debate and this means more time. There will possibly be quite some more time if I am right about Trumps strategy. It seems the game plan is to buy more time to do the show and tell. Trump will get the audience that he has been largely denied in his journey to proving the election, wasn’t the clean election many would like you to believe.

If you are curious about things that don’t quite appear to be right, you can watch the news, or you can research the info yourself. Those of you who have read the ramblings of Planet B for a while, understand we encourage everyone to use this wonderful thing we call the internet to do your own research. Tips here are to avoid using google for all your searches, alternate search engines will often have a remarkable difference in the info it presents you.

But I digress. Anyone who has dug a little deeper than reading their favorite liberal rag, will have seen the evidence of irregularities in the election. Some commentators are quoting that it is simply Occam’s Razor, that people voted for anyone but Trump, and that how Biden won. This is not Occam’s razor, it is called confirmation bias. It just shows that you are so disliking of someone, that you have developed a distaste for those that do not agree with your feelings about that person. This isn’t a scientific explanation for an unusual election, it is an emotional state of discomfort. One of my favorite blog sites has become so comedic in much of its commentary on the election that I have to bite my tongue. The amount of posts I have written and not sent is probably a sign I have matured a little. Unlike the comments from moderators of this site who have seemingly forgotten the “play the ball” rules

So, time you say, how does one buy time? There has been much discussion over what Pence can do. Is he just the symbolic opener of the electoral votes to count them, or does he have more to do with the decision than people have let on.

lets go back to 1960 when Richard Nixon was in a similar position to Pence. Richard Nixon was the current VP, but was also the Republican presidential candidate. It was a close election and the winner of Hawaii would be crowned the president. After the election day vote (remember those), Hawaii had Nixon ahead of Kennedy by 141 votes. Before the court ordered recount had finished, the Republican Governor signed the certificate from the GOP electors giving the states 3 votes to Nixon. On the same day the Democrats also issued the same certificate awarding the votes to Kennedy. The recount showed that Kennedy had won by 115 votes and the Governor had to sign another certificate from the Democrats. At the time of signing the second certificate he had not seen evidence of the reversal. Nixon was the vice president who had to choose which certificate to accept, the Republican or the Democrat. He would be crowning himself or acting as his own executioner . We all know which way he went. However, the point is that at times of dueling electors, there is a job for the VP to do.

What will Pence do?

He will likely refuse to choose between the dueling electors and instead send them back to each states legislators. He will ask them to decide which electors to choose.. This will likely create an opportunity for the evidence to be heard (you know all that evidence that doesn’t exist). Well it will be there for all to see, the legislators will conduct hearings and all who cares to watch, will see the evidence of inappropriate election conduct. It will be concise and incontrovertible evidence. They will have experts who have caught much of the action live and it will allow some of the states including Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin, to reverse or determine the election result as not credible.

This move will have one of two outcomes, 1, the votes go to Trump or 2, neither Trump nor Biden gets them. Neither will have the 270 electoral votes required to win with the latter outcome. The vote then goes to the Governors. This gives each state 1 vote per state to determine who becomes the President. Trump will likely win by 26 to 28 states out of 50.

And Trump has a second term. Oh how the TDSers will be triggered

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