Predictions that proved to be ….. conspiracy theories

Not buying bull shit wholesale – as the mainstream media now sells it – will have you labelled a conspiracy theorist faster than an eruption of gender fluid groans if you say election fraud in an University safe space.

So, if you are sceptical of the anthropogenic climate change diatribe that is causing more juvenile Prozac prescriptions than any actual climate change. You will no doubt have been called a climate denying conspiracy theorist at some point.

So let’s see how not buying the scare mongering has turned out when we compare our scepticism to our trusted scientific professionals predictions of what man is doing to the climate.

2020 is a good year, as apart from being one of the craziest of all time with Covid, crazy elections and draconian lockdowns etc. It was also the year that our poor stewardship of the planet was going to show its ugly face.

So let’s see how 10 of the warnings and predictions panned out. I’m sure you will remember at least a few of them.

List linked below

Wrong Again: 2020’s Failed Climate Doomsaying

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