Prince Philip narrowly misses out on letter from the queen

Those close to prince Philip say he will be desperately disappointed he missed out on the ton and that coveted letter from the queen celebrating that inaugural score.

The nineties are always a nervous time in the innings of life and unfortunately sneaking a quick single in the crown Rover was not an option for the recently banned driver.

The question is, has he left the queen stranded at the other end?

Charles is next in, but is a tail ender at best who has more chance of a duck than being a long stay at the wicket.

Brother Andrew has retired hurt and is more concerned about the age of his box rather than playing another innings right now.

So that leaves the recent selection.

In the juniors we thankfully have the consistent William who is a contender to be pushed up the order, particularly with brother Harry on tour in the Windies and is apparently struggling with the length on the pitch.

So, it may be left to William to spend a bit of time at the crease to solid up the batting order while Gran takes a breather.

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