Pro Man-Made Climate Scientist Still in Denial

Self acclaimed picture boy of climate science Michel E Mann, pictured posing with some of his tree ring samples below, is definitely one pf the polarising scientist’s when it comes to Anthropogenic Climate Change

Mann decided to once and for all prove that Anthropogenic CO2 emissions is causing catastrophic climate change by studying tree rings in the appropriately named Sheep Mountain. The trees were Bristlecone pines as they are long living trees.

Here is the famous graph his study produced, now called the Hockey Stick Graph.

This graph painted a very different history to what was widely accepted. It shows a gradual cooling for almost 1000 years and then a sharp upturn. whic of course was the man made bit. The science is settled he proudly claimed.

Below is the graph that was the common understanding prior to Mann and his hockey stick.

Mann had removed the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice age.

this caused a few eyebrows to be raised and a few scientists to murmur “ehembullshit”

One of the scientists who wasn’t a fan of of the new Posterchild graph was Dr Tim Ball.

Tim Ball called Michael Mann out on what he considered to be an absolute sham of a graph and so Michael Mann did what every scientist does when met with counter theories. He took Ball to court and sued for defamation.

This is where the denial really started to kick in for Mann. Not too keen on providing discovery to the high court due to more and more scientific analysis of his Hockey stick graph being found to be nonsense science Man delayed and delayed until finally the Judge got sick of waiting awarded in Balls favour and that was the end of it.

Or was it?

Ball clearly won the case but Michael E Mann wasn’t having any of that and quickly told the world he hadn’t lost. On his Facebook page he claimed, “

There have been some wildly untruthful claims about the recent dismissal of libel litigation against Tim Ball circulating on social media. Here is our statement: The defendant Ball did not “win” the case. The Court did not find that any of Ball’s defences were valid. The Court did not find that any of my claims were *not* valid. The dismissal involved the alleged exercise of a discretion on the Court to dismiss a lawsuit for delay. I have an absolute right of appeal. My lawyers will be reviewing the judgment and we will make a decision within 30 days. The provision in the Court’s order relating to costs does NOT mean that I will pay Ball’s legal fees. This ruling absolutely does not involve any finding that Ball’s allegations were correct in fact or amounted to legitimate comment. In making his application based on delay, Ball effectively told the world he did not want a verdict on the real issues in the lawsuit.”

That was in 2019 and the 30 days for appeal is up.

The court ruled that the case was over with prejudice and awarded $700,000 costs to Ball – yet Mann calls this a non win. Talk about denial. Interestingly he is refusing to pay the legal costs and I haven’t found any info to state whether Mann is himself now in contempt of court.

There are plenty of Scientists and statisticians that have torn this study to pieces but that does not mean Mann does not have his supporters.

Mann likes to take whatever moral high ground he thinks he is standing on and defends his junk science to this day.

More concerning is that many universities still take this study as gospel whilst trying to create more accurate climate models.

I am certain we are simply creating more junk science for the future as the old saying you cant make chicken slad out of chicken shit.

If we are using Michael Mann’s Hockey stick to predict the future we may as well also consider resuming human sacrifices like the Aztecs did to control the weather.

Can we start with a few climate scientists perhaps.

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