Problems with school lunches

The saying that is the most apt when it comes to the Government providing lunches for kids in school is, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.“

Whilst we want our children being fed so they can learn, there is a thing called a lunchbox that can be filled with food prior to a child going to school each day.

If this is not happening then there is a problem that needs addressing, the worst way of fixing it is burying your head in a bin of uneaten government funded lunches.

Feeding kids because their parents don’t, seems a noble cause, but in reality is almost a bigger sin. This is nothing short of avoiding the glaring problem.

It’s like giving a boxing helmet to the wife of the agro neighbour who beats her when he is drunk.

If there was ever a way of easily identifying a problem at home, and potential abuse, is a child that continuously turns up to school without food.

Not providing your children lunch is something that could occur for any number of reasons, not all of them points to a negligent parent, but none of the reasons will be without some solution. Feeding every child is not that solution.

The way to fix problems is to get to the root of them. If a parent isn’t providing lunch then – why – should be the first question. What problems will come down the track from parent’s who can’t do the simplest task of sending the kids to school with some food.

They need help, nothing sweeps these issues under the carpet more than the Government feeding the children at school.

However this cause seems to have taken an even more bizarre course. Now, with the nanny state back in full force, proposed rules from the MoE means children who have lunch from home have to wait while the state provided lunches are eaten.

This is an answer to the fact that Loads of food is going to waste because the children aren’t eating them.

Healthy lunches a nutritionalist has put together, that the children don’t like, are now not being eaten by kids whose parents send them to school with no lunch.

And the answer is to starve them till they eat it? Meanwhile a rich kid waits to eat there home prepped meal….

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