Psaki warns India, while countries are offered cheap fuel from Russia

India is considering purchasing oil from Russia at a discounted price.

The US has warned countries considering dealing with Russia, that they need to consider on what side of history books they want to be on.

The reality of oil is there is demand for it. If India doesn’t buy it, which they likely will, someone else will.

As the oil rich Arab states refuse to talk to Biden, Boris Johnson is going to attempt to get them to increase productivity. Ironically some of the Arab states such as Qatar are talking to Putin.

Europe really is in trouble here., they have had their bluff called and now they are desperate to get another oil production country to increase their productivity. To date there is no replacement for Russian oil.

However in a move that has really thrown a cat among the pigeons, the Saudi’s are about to sell oil to China using the Yuan.

This is the time the West missed the warning signs.

Brace yourself for some serious shifts in geopolitics.

The silver lining is the great reset is about to become the great disconnect and is rapidly pouring water on the likes of Soros and Schwabs plans for their one world global dominance on the global community.

We are finding out that the world isn’t on board with wealthy western elites controlling everyone’s life.

The downside is there seems to be no trust anymore in global financial systems and we are heading to some very turbulent times. Hopefully not a world war.

While countries will be careful in keeping their dealings with Russia quiet, the desire to buy cheap oil will likely be too much to refuse.

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