The Demands of Putin to End the War

Recognise Crimea as Russian and Donetsk and Lugansk as independent states.

Ukraine to change its constitution to stay neutral and not join any block such as NATO

Russia will continue the militarisation of the area.

So NATO countries need to accept these and also encourage Zelensky and his puppet master Ihor Kolomyski that this will end the war.

It seems the the Western allies are holding out on agreeing to anything, which may be to have an appearance of being strong and that they won’t put up with these sorts of “Special military operations.”

However, it is now a balancing act of, looking strong under the careful watch of China, Iran, India etc and protecting their own peoples interests. Europe will be facing devastating times brought on by high inflation.

Russia has a simple tactic, put pressure on, negotiate, turn pressure up, negotiate, turn pressure up, negotiate.

How many rounds of upping the pressure will we see before we hit melting point?

This is not a battle waged between Saints and Sinners or Mordor versus the Shire. Here is an anti Putin writer’s explanation as why he isn’t cheerleading Ukraine.

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