Quiz Time

Question 1

World Covid Vaccine stats rank 3rd world (developing nations) in terms of vaccines provided 

From 1 – 4 rank the following 3rd world countries in order of vaccines given




New Zealand                      (hint not in the first 3)

(Note one of these countries even paid a premium to be at the front of the queue – haha haha haha ha – no really)

Question 2

The Minister of Inland Revenue admitted in parliament (video available) that the Gummint had no idea how many people the recent Landlord changes will affect

Politically this is an example (of)….

  1. incompetence (at a criminal level)
  2. that this really is an extremely dangerous clown circus
  3. really bad propaganda
  4. all of the above

They say its childish to poke fun at how people look but let’s be honest, It’s easy to make policy on the ‘hoof’ with a party leader that looks like a ……

Question 3

Apart from the 20,000 or so Occa’s that go skiing in Queenstown and a few that have family here, the majority of every day Aussie’s want a bubble with…

  1. Bali
  2. Pacific Island nations
  3. Singapore
  4. Anywhere but NZ

The Aussie treasurer who knows how much we spend there is delighted to hear the NZ is now exporting Tourist dollars to go with their forced policy of importing criminals (haha haha haha ha )

Question 4

JA jokingly referred to Aussie as an extension of NZ.  The historical reality is…

  1. NZ is one of the original Australian States
  2. Taupo north was at one point administered as part of NSW
  3. NZ is only big enough to be an Australian City, not a state
  4. Rugby is not really that popular, so the Aussies don’t want us as a state in any case

Seems only Ardern can make “charm” offensive, seem like the emphasis is on ‘offensive’.

Question 5

A friend of mine in Wellington claims to have walked past an old phone box in which the National party caucus was holding a meeting and they were singing, what were they singing I here you ask? Which of the following is most likely?

  1. The Party song
  2. The theme of the Muppet show (which is standard at all political party gatherings, apparently)
  3. The National Anthem
  4. Eenie Meenie Miny Mo you are it!

Coupe coming?

Question 6

The repeated propaganda JA and Fatboy are rolling out re the Deductibility of genuine expenses where a nexus exists between the incurring of the cost and the derivation of income is going beyond ‘a childish attempt to influence’ and is now simply disingenuous to intelligent NZers.

As ‘Disingenuous’ is one on my favourite “D” words, I wondered if there were other D words to describe the shower of S*it we have as government

  1. Disaster                        (easy one really – no further explanation required)
  2. Demeaning                 (the way in which the world, not the world press, ridicule this                                              country now – also use Derisive)
  3. Dobbers                       (What the Flock have become – to be fair, normal in Socialist                                               Dictatorships)
  4. Dumb                            (the most pervasive disease currently infecting the Flock)

Quote of the Day

“New Zealand needs to Wake up to the ridicule being inflicted upon them by one of the most insidious and intellectually deficient set of MP’s this country has ever elected, then and  only then can they refer to themselves as “Woke”.

                                                                                                Winston Churchill 8 April 2021

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