Quiz Time

Question 1

The Gummint last week announced yet two more committees to help them manage Covid and the Economy.

This should further annoy NZers because…

  1. You elected this shower to govern not hire other people to govern
  2. Committees marginalise great ideas from the smartest people in the room down to acceptably average ideas so they pass votes made to include the dumbest people in the room (remember the old adage – a Camel is a Racehorse designed by a committee)
  3. The escalating costs of the committees and the level of debt being incurred to fund them is more than concerning
  4. Yet more evidence of NZ being a Socialist dictatorship as these committees report to a central committee,  let’s call it say the Politburo, and to be honest we are all only po’d because we aren’t on the Junta’s donut (yet)

Question 2

The announced Gummint is ONLY now talking about reviewing list of Risk countries.  The response from my entirely Labour loving left wing staff was…

  1. FFS surely this would have part of a daily, or weekly at worst protocol.  Can’t they even organize that?
  2. Are they asleep or just busy spending their excessive public service salary?
  3. They must be all mouth breathers, they really are stupid aren’t they?
  4. Sorry boss, I won’t vote for them next time that’s for sure.  They really are just mentally too slow.

I had a good day at work today.

Question 3

Mike Hosking admitted he can’t ban Ardern.  What he can do is….

  1. Ring in sick that day
  2. Conduct his interview so that when she speaks he accidentally plays an ad over her (he would of course apologise – sincerely)
  3. Ask her only closed questions and lots of them.  (basically don’t let her speak – if she tries to speak or validate and answer say, I did not ask you to explain and/or just speak over her)
  4. Ask her really pointed but random unrelated questions, and then answer them before she can.  Like “…have you seen the Dictators Handbook on the History channel, of course you have let’s move on.”  What do like about Tairua? The Ice cream shop of course.

Question 4

Which hard question should MH ask?

  1. Are you a Dictator? (No – likely answer).  Or are you just content being the Secretary General of the politburo?…let’s leave that one
  2. Being a Dictator what is your favourite colour? Sorry Red of course
  3. How many days till some of your party grow a pair and cross the house?
  4. It is true Grant R can’t count?
  5. How much money has your party embezzled making false or overstated expense claims? Sorry I withdraw that one. At one point research suggested that Labour MP’s going back to the Jonathon Hunt Taxi scam days, historically over stated, misrepresented and generally abused expense claims, more than any other party, is that still true? 

Question 5

Megan woods, who successfully misappropriated housing money to buy back Maori land that had basically already been paid for, announced she intends to review energy prices and if necessary act (small ‘a’, Act I am sure wouldn’t want her).  This is a concern as…

  1. Having banned Gas exploration and not understanding the Supply side of the equation, especially when river and lake levels are already at historical lows, when we get short of power we have to buy dirty coal from Indonesia and restart Huntly.  
  2. It is what Socialist’s do.  That and create supply deficiencies by tinkling (sorry tinkering) in free markets (we will be running out of wood next – what we have…).
  3. She hasn’t seen a good queue since they made us queue for hours for bread (no that would never happen in NZ, oh that’s right it did in 2020).
  4. Hey I screwed my other protfiolios, why not go for the trifecta (I’ll probably  get promoted)

Question 6

Why do we think the Press are just propaganda facilitators?

  1. The intellectual level of the reporting can sometimes get all the way up to reporting the new flower beds in Porirua
  2. They went out of their way to report National party MP’s doing something legal but tried to make it sound illegal (Hey they are all on the donut no matter what party trough they nuzzle at).
  3. They are only reporting today (finally) that prices are set to go up at the checkout as a result of the cost of inputs going up, mostly as a result of Labour Party policy  (see our Quizzes 4 and 5 about 5 months ago – they do catch up eventually). Another win to Planet B

Quote of the day

Nothing in field of human endeavour is more difficult than completing my expense claim and keeping a straight face.     

                                                                                                                Winston Churchill 9 April 2021

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