Quiz Time

Question 1

Apparently the government now needs to not only tinker with the property market, but also the power sector, the construction industry, look at rent controls and are ‘threatening’ food retailers re prices.

These are all signs of….

  1. An agglomeration of failed and incompetent government policy
  2. Clear signs that the move to Socialism is failing at every ‘first’ hurdle
  3. Highlights we are a third world country that can only really survive on the free market scraps the world hands us and cannot afford to borrow to fund idealism
  4. All of the above.

Question 2

The Greens and Labour are jumping on the Bandwagon (no surprise there) on the side of Leaky apartment building owners.  The best way to protect these people is…

  1. Revoke the RMA (done)
  2. Get the Labour Mayor of your biggest village to limit the availability of Building inspectors (done).
  3. Shorten the time required to qualify in the trades that built these wrecks ensuring the lack of quality in the future. (done – thanks Helen & Michael)
  4. Empathise and cuddle the victims of the shambles you created (done)

4 for 4, who says the Labour Greens coalitions are ineffective

Question 3

Once again the Propaganda Facilitators (AKA the Press) are making futile attempts to ‘score points’ off Australia. 

Such comparisons bore most readers because.

  1. Australia is a Continent and a Country – New Zealand is a city (or a country in name and sporting record only.)
  2. We may be statistically ahead of Australia re vaccine rollout but we are also financially crippled in comparison because they have managed Covid better in almost every way.
  3. We are only marginally ahead as Australia suspended their programme to review the medical anomalies the vaccine is creating – Scotty said kiwis are all ‘clots’ anyway, look what they have running the place. 
  4. Is it snowing in April (and it is so this must be the global cooling cycle we are in?) – So just another undereducated over-opinionated Snowflakes opinion then.

Question 4

Having done some genuine research (we aksed a guy who aksed a guy) the cost for a Covid-91 test form in India is….. and they can be obtained from…..

  1. 0.50 US cents ……     the guy with the pile of them at the airport, or at the counter
  2. 2,625 Rupee ($35 USD) …a real doctor can give you a real form based on a fake test
  3. 2,250 Rupee ($30 USD) …a real doctor can give you a real form based on a real test
  4. …the cost of a sheet pf printer paper…   the interweb

Question 5

The state funded Parliament Bully just released a discussion of the ‘funny’ things MP’s want in their new building.  Good to see one of the items was for faster lifts.  This suggests…

  1. MP’s appreciate the value of their time and need to speed up the pace of creating more f*cked up policy
  2. The creative avoidance, perfected in the rest of the public service (ex IRD here) is alive and well in parliament as well.  Why walk the stairs now, when you can wait for a lift
  3. “Hey I am carry a really heavy sheet of paper here…..its and OSH thing, stairs are bad for my figure.”
  4. Sorry. What?  The survey was confidential and I published the results, and the name and party of the MP’s who made them.  Its fine the taxpayer will pay my fine with the Privacy commissioner, and my legal’s.

Question 6

We are looking at publishing a Planet-B Dicktionary to assist current and future MP’s.  One of the first definitions we are seeking to clarify.


  1. The ability to Count or do accounting (sponsored by ZXero) 
  2. One ‘c’ and one ‘o’ too many when describing many MP’s, A-c*nt-ability
  3. The description of the favourite pastime of a Sesame Street character
  4. Delete any reference to this word as it is no relevant in NZ and consign it to history as a fictional reference to Colonial Oppression

Quote of the Day

“You really are a horrific man, I don’t know how your wife tolerates you” 

My Dear if you were my wife I’d snort cocaine and shag the nanny

Winston Churchill                           14 April 2021

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