Quiz Time

Question 1

The clown circus have admitted they are way behind on ‘turn-key’ projects, particularly around roads, but are again looking at an unnecessary disruption to a major road to build light rail down Dominion Road through to JA’s and Helen’s old electorates.  The Minister commented…

  1. You can turn the key both ways (off and on), we never said ‘On’ (A Ha)
  2. There is no railway line finishing at Onehunga Wharf (that is scotch mist) so the distance to the airport from there to the Airport is irrelevant, besides you have to cross the harbour from Onehunga, but from Dominion Road to the airport you don’t – trust me 
  3. “Roads, where we’re going, we don’t need roads”
  4. Most cars don’t have keys, how do we turn the ‘key’? Who do I ask? Why am I here?

Question 2

Which of the following is amongst the new committees JA had announced recently?

  1. Te Wata Te Whuka Committee – formed to express surprise at any one of their most recent cock ups 
  2. Te Getta O Whukked Committee – formed to prioritise propaganda messages relaying progress on turnkey projects (Off or Off).  
  3. Te Tea Committee – To organise the Christmas party (even though we are going to ban Christmas as racist colonial iconography.
  4. Te Politburo – formed as a central committee to oversee the other committees who then oversee the sub-committees Comrade.
  5. Te O Wasn Whulkken Us it was the last Whukken Conts ForNow – a combined family style working group involving the Greens to blame the last government – ooops the one before us)

Question 3

There are 4 community Covid Cases.  On Saturday there is a LGBT Speed Dating event

Based on Planet B’s previously published formula, Community Case + a LGBT event, the probability of a lockdown on Sunday for 2 weeks is….

  1. No Chance
  2. 100%
  3. 130%
  4. I have already gone to my batch as they prepare to spin Auckland’s Wheel of Misfortune (don’t panic there will be a Sob-city payment available for about 10% of your costs – Vote Labour yaaaay) 

Question 4

Spoke to a lawyer who deals with a couple MIQ employers.  Which of the following problems do they and their clients face?

  1. To enforce vaccinations they have to vary their employment contract which the employees  do not have to sign and they can’t be discriminated against as a result of changes made to the Act under the last (coalition government)
  2. To enforce Covid testing they have to vary their employment contract which the employees  do not have to sign and they can’t be discriminated against as a result of changes made to the Act under the last (coalition government)
  3. They observed the Prime Minister lying about the KFC covid case and they have employees who could now potentially be singled out by JA as the leader of the Rabid flock of 5M. As a good employer they have to do everything in their power to protect the employee who is exercising their freedom of choice as guaranteed under several pieces of legislation.
  4. Having observed the Gummints complete lack of Business acumen they advised the Gummint they would be happy to make the changes ‘She’ and the ‘Rabid Flock’ desire provided they and the Gummint underwrite the legal and compensation costs their client(s) will need to pay the dismissed or reassigned employees (after the Mallard cover-up and denial they should be used to this approach)
  5. All of the above

Question 5

What have the pale headed snake and the Pfizer vaccine got in common?

  1. They are both somewhat ineffective against Covid for the most at risk sectors of society
  2. They both have unacceptable risk factors relating to blood cloting
  3. They are both in Australia
  4. All of the above

Question 6

The Propaganda Facilitators report that JA will not back down on calling someone else’s employee a liar.  She does this because…

  1. The Labour party will charge the legal fees and damages for Libel and Defamation back to the taxpayer (as they always do)
  2. As she is so proficient at the trade of telling lies she recognises the trait immediately as an expert on the subject
  3. She does not recognise that liar (or not) got away with the supposed bad behaviour, because they work in the entirely fucked up system she hired the people to create (so is basically at fault)
  4. She is a Pot talking to a kettle  

Quote of the Day

Never in the field of human endeavour has so much been fucked up, for so many, by so few

Winston Churchill                                           15 April 2021

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