Quiz Time

Question 1

In Quiz 32 (published 16/4) Planet B predicted we would now be in a lockdown based on our ‘community case + LGBT formula’ and we were wrong.  This is relevant because

  1. Unlike JA and Fatboy – R we can a) recognise when we are wrong and b) admit it without blaming everyone else.
  2. JA reads our page and decided not to lock down just to prove us wrong (bee-arch) and damage our credibility.
  3. It proves beyond doubt that there is no Covid formula and their response to Covid is indeed driven by a random events, prayer and incompetence (in equal amounts) 
  4. There would have been be JA admitted they misplaced the wheel of Misfortune, but it’s OK now the tax working group are using it

In this morning’s quiz we did observe we were likely to import some good Covid sooner rather than later.  Guess what?  Sooner it is

Question 2

It turns out the new case was fully vaccinated and wearing appropriate safety gear.  Which of the following positions have Planet-B propounded over the last year?

  1. Vaccinations will not stop the spread and may lead to a super version in the no so distant future
  2. Masks do very little to hinder the transmission of viruses
  3. We have spent billions on a protection programme for all the country when only the elderly were/are at risk.
  4. If you are not old or have a pre-existing medical condition then you have more chance of being run over or murdered than dying of Covid 
  5. All of the above –  Baa baa baa baa baa baa

Question 3

Between the puerile propaganda about bed-bugs, I note mankind has decided there are not enough regulations for the bureaucratic clipboard operators on earth and now they are going to regulate outer space.  This is because…

  1. We want to educate alien microbes of the benefits of our woke crapisms 
  2. The alien lizards that ate us all said we were ‘yummy’
  3. We are infernally arrogant about our place in the universe
  4. The hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy is actually a history book sent back from the future

Question 4

Aside from Propaganda what two tools do Dictators and incompetent corrupt regimes use to maintain power

  1. Leveraging on the Fear of imagined alternatives – like the Tsunami over the horizon, near misses from outer space, the 50 year earthquake or virus that will kill all of you
  2. The myth that they are better than the alternative – the other guys had 9 years to fix….
  3. Nationalisation or centralisation of both private and government agencies (one NHS (which as actually three if you read carefully, one press organisation)
  4. Many many more as this is just the start of the ‘all of the above list’

Question 5

The second word (excluding obscenities) to be considered for the Planet B dictionary


  1. The act or reversing and returning something to a pre-existing condition or state
  2. The term to summarise all that the next government will have time to do after the next election (6 years worth)
  3. The ringing of a bell again and again and again and again ‘verb’
  4. To peal something again, to re peal ‘verb’ 
  5. The desire to eliminate NZ’s colonial history and restore us to living in mud huts, wearing grass skirts and eating our neighbours and their dogs
  6. Harvest eel (Reap-eel)

Question 6

What is your best guess based on the various sources as to where the fully vaccinated cleaner got the Covid

  1. From touching a surface with their gloved hand and rubbing an orifice under their mask or other protective clothing (per the employer)
  2. From the aerosol (Michael Hendy – from our supposed disease expert – which one where and how – or is he just speaking to try to stay important (but never relevant)) JMSU?
  3. From the planes air conditioning (through the mask of course – the one that is supposed to be so effective – reported in the press)
  4. KFC on his way to work 2 weeks ago and they just found it (ha ha ha ha ha)

Quote of the Day

Tomorrow my dear I will be sober, but you will still be stupid, more so when you are no longer the Prime Minister

                                                                                                Winston Churchill            April 2021

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