Quiz Time

Question 1

It has been announced the RNZ and TVNZ are looking at a merger.  This is good because….

  1. It will create economies of scale and save the taxpayer literally pennies
  2. Chapter 5 in Goebbels Treatise on Propaganda recommends this as it makes State control of Gummint messages easier to disseminate and reduces the risk of a random, ‘Journo’ accidentally thinking, essential in every dictatorship
  3. It is in fact common place in all dictatorships, socialist or otherwise.
  4. Это лучший способ солгать своему народу, Jacinda

Question 2

As he seems to have no understanding of economics, which is the best definition of Supply as interpreted by Fat Boy-R.

  1. Supply is a fundamental economic concept that describes the total amount of a specific good or service that is available to consumers.
  2. Supply (sup-lie) is a term used to describe a supplemental lie. A lie told after a lie to try to justify the first lie. (eg Trevor Mallard is Competent (lie) and is actually a nice guy (sup-lie))
  3. A term and abbreviation used in street slang to open discussions with the Chinese overlord called Li eg “sup- Li” (be careful with this one as the disrespectful nature usually results in a brief time in front of a firing squad, or long time in a labour camp (small L not the one where you could get fiddled)
  4. Sup Ply a brand of Plywood

Question 3

The Propaganda facilitators (AKA The Press) now ask questions like “Where are NZer most vulnerable to a covid outbreak?” – just to keep you scared

The most obvious answer is…

  1. As per normal NZers are most vulnerable in the part of NZ called the “Press”
  2. They are most vulnerable listening to the half-educated (compared with overseas) “medical experts” we have running things here, so basically everywhere and anywhere the flock resides.
  3. Where JA and the clown circus tell the propaganda facilitators to tell us we are
  4. When do we get more funding Cindy?

Question 4

So why are we are having an Easter break.  I assumed the Woke generation and Cancel culture would have cancelled Easter (and Christmas) as it is a religious holiday.  Oh they haven’t because…

  1. We are socialist and even though we hate all religion we want to get re-elected and the flock have not worked out that we are only selectively hypocritical
  2. Hey, I have done my best to cancel 4 of the last 5 ANZAC days.  Give me time and I will get rid of Easter too (JA).
  3. The narrow minded youth and bandwagon-ers have said we don’t understand, can’t we pick and choose when we want to have a social conscience? You are racist anyway
  4. No, no, this is Selective Woke Crappism only.

Question 5

Taxpayers should rightfully be have ‘genuine’ concerns about repayment of the Interest Free Loan Scheme given to businesses, for the following reasons

  1. The loan documentation did not comply with the laws associated with lending, no legal advice was required so the guarantee is void.
  2. Common law precludes lending to parties in financial distress so the loan given to assist cash flow is, at a time of distress, is by definition an unsound loan
  3. No reference or consideration is/was given to the Responsible Lending Code
  4. The bloody horse it was put it on came 4th

(Half arse government, half arse policy, no arse execution)

Question 6

The NZ Indian community have reported they have a higher statistical chance of getting vaccinated (if they chose) back in India rather than on 3rd world NZ.  This is insulting to NZ because…

  1. There are no 3rd world countries, as that is not a PC term, they are referred to at the UN as Developing Nations. Woke NZ is of course aspiring to getting up to being considered one (being 4th world as we are).
  2. The Truth hurts, and the flock won’t enjoy hearing it.
  3. International categorisations are irrelevant to Junta’s in charge of neo-Socialist dictatorships like NZ and such views are generally ignored by their self-righteous ego- maniacal leadership.
  4. It’s not.  The Flock elected to place us in the 3rd world in November.  I’d like to say they got what they paid for but even the Flock perhaps didn’t realise broken promises were this expensive
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