Quiz Week Quiz 4

Question 1

JA advised there is no evidence to support claims of fake Covid certificates.  A client of mine who has worked in the public service in several Asian and South East Asian countries hasn’t stopped laughing for 3 days. At the same time he offered me

  1. A passport from any one of three different countries
  2. Drivers licences for me and my children in two other countries
  3. A PHD to go with my two Masters Degrees (actual) and the academic transcript
  4. Ironically a letter from my own doctor on his real letterhead and covid certificate

Is she truly that naïve?  (soorry that’s her daughters’ name isn’t it? No that’s Niamh spelt wrong)

Question 2

Still tracking down where I can walk in to get my Covid vaccine and get out or here.  Apparently I have to give an urgent reason, some reasons proposed for me by my friends are…

  1. Get your mate to give a letter from NZ Cricket to say you are urgently need to clean the grass of the toe of the bats for the NZ cricket team when the go to England.
  2. It is a medical emergency, you have a sack you need to empty into your girlfriend in Thailand to relieve pressure on your internal organs.
  3. I am a person of national significance, I am actually Clark Gayford in disguise (sniiiiiiiff)
  4. I have applied for political refugee status so I can exit the Socialist Dictatorship and Police state I currently live in so I can move to another Police state (or Florida).
  5. What’s your personal bank account number? Wink wink
  6. I voted Labour (I don’t have to sit a lie detector test do I?)

Question 3

Since mid-August there has been an average of 7 live Covid cases a day in MIQ.  Of those under 65 how many have died or needed a respirator?

  1. 1
  2. 0
  3. Nada
  4. Not a single efffing one

Feel like a victim of propaganda yet….?

Question 4

The NZ Police have indicated they are reluctant to attend incidents over fears of gun violence

While in general I have empathy with this view on behalf of the individual officer, gun violence in NZ can’t happen as…

  1. JA and the Police have repurchased all the illegal guns (insert Tui ad here)
  2. Everyone complied with the buy back and there were and are no hidden firearms in the hands of unlicensed owners, JA’s propaganda unit said so.
  3. The gummint have ignored advice that in nations where police are unarmed there is very little gun violence, yet where Police then progressively arm themselves, gun violence ironically escalates as the ‘crooks’ arm themselves against the police, in anticipation of an armed response.  This well researched point is apparently a Conspiracy Theory
  4. Even the hardened criminals have brought into the ‘be nice’ propaganda/mantra

Question 5

Yet more evidence (Add Germany to Israel, France, Ireland, Italy etc) arises as to the risks associated with the AZ Covid vaccine

The NZ gummint and MOH continue to stress its safety because…

  1. They have no other plan or option and realise the borders can’t stay closed and have backed themselves into a situation where that is their only option (basically incompetent)
  2. Are happy to ignore the fact the vaccine is medically more damaging to the 99.999% of people who are and will be asymptomatic if they get Covid (Get Covid and live – have vaccine risk death – translates to incompetent)
  3. On top of the blood clots and other complications over 3000 people who have been vaccinated have died of Covid and the reported efficacy ratings of the vaccines are dropping rapidly – see option 1. 
  4. The rest of the worlds medical communities are ALL CONSPIRACY THEORISTS

Perhaps Putin was right – give them a vitamin C shot and get on with it

Question 6

Good to see the light rail is back on the cards and the gummint debt will sky rocket further.  As we can only make assumptions as to where this debt came from after Comrade Fat boy revoked the fiscal oversight committee, I have made my Sons second term options for their study, which one of the following subjects did I leave out….

  1. Cantonese (for beginners and foreign political prisoners)
  2. Mandarin (for beginners and foreign political prisoners)
  3. How to survive on Chinese prison food
  4. The function of Democracy within the Chinese State

John Key was Teflon John. Jacinda and Fatboy are clearly political weather reporters (get it wrong most days but get to keep their job)

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