By Christian Taylor
There are some interesting proposals being made by the Govt recently. I wouldn’t want to own a retail business or cafe/restaurant in the central city at the moment. I get the drive to lower emissions and reduce congestion however some points of consideration:
– exactly what changes have been made to make public transport more efficient / accessible to commuters to prepare for the increase in usage? There’s a lot of waffle from my small amount of reading on the subject.
– how much of the congestion is caused by poor roading/layout issues/excessive intersections/ reduced speed limits / increased lack of parking and bizarre traffic light cycles in the cbd?
– has as there been a study of driver competence in the past 10yrs? Rather than spending $10k apiece on 0% tolerance signs, surely some driver education/relicensing strategies would be a better use of money?
– If emissions are a consideration in this strategy, why is only 12% of the Auckland public transport fleet proposed for EV in the next 4 years (as of 2021)? This change proposed to reduce the emissions by the AT fleet by 10,000 tonnes annually, meaning ~72,000 tonnes annually is still caused by AT fleet alone.
– what impact will this have on retail / restaurants in the cbd (and the flow on effect of gst revenue for the government)?
– with the drive and incentives to increase electric / lower emmission-generating vehicles on the roads, should there be consideration of ev exemption as part of this strategy? What other strategies are the government employing to adopt low emission vehicles that doesn’t strangle already-struggling business (let’s not forget the % of tax revenue this sector USED to generate for NZ..).
It may be a one eyed approach but with costs increasing across the board and increased minimum wage etc, retailers will be required to hike prices considerably just to survive. I know of a few that have given up brick and mortar completely as it simply doesn’t make financial sense anymore. This will in turn likely drive people to purchase offshore, again reducing tax revenue.
I am a steadfast supporter of NZ business, and I fear that small businesses in particular are in a very challenging position these days.
Thanks for reading. Rant complete.
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