Rant: Why globalism isn’t the answer

If there is anything we can learn from the COVID pandemic, is that globalism doesn’t work.

While governments around the world are hailing the benefits of mass gene therapy, we are learning that the readily available cheap medicines, that are now known effective treatments, were unnecessarily banned from being spoken about.

Zuckerberg gave Dr. Fauci the old, “Hey Tony, want some help with some propaganda?” and the global population turned on Hydrochloroquine and the other treatments we now are funding tom study – little late now we have purchased zillions of gene therapy jabs

Whilst I was doing research for an article I wrote on the history of Hydroxychloroquine, I went to our own pharmac’s website, which had a warning that HCQ didn’t work, how did that work out Pharmac? HCQ at $10 a serve seems like a pretty good option now doesn’t it?

How did they come to that conclusion exactly? No one in Pharmac, or in our medical fraternity, could have known this. Michael Baker knew did he? if it doesn’t lead to a lock down, he cares not.

So this information was fed to them from our global networks. It has now been deleted from Parmac’s webpage, but why did they do it?

Through the global advisory networks, such as the WHO and “respected” health officials, like the now discredited Dr Fauci, our smaller global nation governments obviously towed the line.

Thanks Chippie, Ardern, Bloomfield. We owe you our gratitude, thanks for your temporary pay decrease too. was a big help to the intergenerational debt we now have.

Rather than listening to 10’s of thousands of medical practitioners, who vehemently insisted HCQ was showing good results. Instead, Facebook assisted The Government in discrediting it in favour of what?

A costly experimental gene therapy injection that has unknown long term health effects, unkown lasting efficacy and likely a now annual event – unless of course our newly programmed gentic material finishes what the virus couldn’t. what a cracking idea.

Globalism would be fine, if you could trust the leaders to have the good of all of the worlds children’s at heart. But we all know that they don’t. No number of eggs broken matters with the kind of omelette these globalists want to stuff in their back pocket.

Unfortunately greed and the negative sides of capitalism mean that neither socialism or capitalism will steer us to a harmonious global governance. Humans get in the way.

Players like Russia, China, the US and to a lessor degree the European Union, all mean that there will never be an “all for one and one for all” global community.

There is a reason books like 1984 and Animal farm are still best sellers today.

George Orwell was a socialist who saw what the dangers of communism and the wars to fight for these ideals would mean.

He saw first hand the worst of tribal politics and in moments of genius, wrote some of the most incredible insights into human nature.

There will be many who don’t see what has just gone on in the world. That blindly follow the so called “settled Science” believing that these agendas are there to protect our future generations. Oh but they are.

They now are blinded by the tribal politics that has become part of life. I just saw someone again say, the Nats would have done it worse. Gee thanks, that helps me sleep better at night.

Look at a Ponsonby bar who threw a MAGA party last year, and even though the politics of the US could hardly be further from NZ, the cancel culture woke brigade gave this bar national headlines. For what? yep you guessed it, being racist. Oh that old chestnut. how confused they must get when they see a black man wearing a MAGA hat.

The world is going increasingly insane, and there is no need for us to participate in this woke culture that says you are and “old white man” if you disagree with them.

We don’t want or need the likes of Ardern glueing the fabric of our society to these globalist agenda driven tyrants.

Time to look after our own needs and trust our own judgment. We can vote Ardern out, or the next one after her if we don’t agree. But we cant vote for anything the UN want to inflict on us to appease their masters greed.

How about we look in the mirror rather than out the window and focus on a proper education for our kids, stop the participation awards and the sins of our fathers bollix. Let’s balance up our education system with some more people who aren’t on a mission to rewrite our history and ban everything that reminds them of their own inadequacies.

Vilifying our forefathers who can’t defend themselves for your own perceived guilt is a product of your own perceived incompetence, so don’t project them on my children thank you.

Fuck off with your climate emergencies, Fuck of with your constant accusations of racism divide and conquer tyranny and fuck off with your hate speech cancel culture being offended by everything for others bull shit.

You know what, Just fuck off……Please (where’s my manners).

Rant over

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