Reading between the lines, Liam Dann fears free speech

Liam Dann hoped Musk wouldn’t gain control of Twitter and goes on to give his reasons in an article in the Herald linked above.

His fears seem partially from the assumption that Twitter is the holy grail of influence and that one man can’t be trusted to be in charge of this single source of opinion.

Yes agreed,Twitter is popular. So is Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Rumble, Locals, Patreon, Reddit and many new comers such as Parler and Truth.

Twitter is content created by users (should they be allowed to participate) and the cancelling of certain, typically right leaning people or organisations, has made Twitter more of a powerful media outlet for the left leaning politicians.

It seems Dann’s concern is that this favoured political isle is switched, and it is the lefties that get cancelled. What a novelty that would be.

Dann also seems to be concerned about the mean words that may appear on there. People may be offended and feelings may be hurt.

And there it is, Dann is in the camp of, I believe in free speech but.” There is no but after free speech. But what about the bullies I hear the left crying.

Yes bullying is something that should be kept in check and I’m sure it will be easy to have this as part of the algorithm. If they can ban everyone who says the 2020 election was rigged, I’m sure they can warn bullies and ban them too.

I’m my experience bullying and name calling isn’t limited to one side of the political fence. But if someone wants to say that the world is flat, 5g is mind control, dinosaurs never existed, criticise big pharma, discredit climate change, the moon landing or any other theory regardless of how far fetched they are, then let them have their say.

The bigger issue that Twitter has was credible sources being banned, the inventor of mRNA medicine delivery, sitting presidents or climate experts who don’t tow the IPCC line. Perhaps someone might talk about vaccine efficacy that goes against the MSM narrative , the January 6 “insurrection,” or voter fraud. Maybe scientists who don’t agree with the climate emergency can talk again and ex presidents can tweet. Although Trump doesn’t seem ready to Tweet just yet.

If that is your fear that everyone is allowed to comment again then I fear that free speech is soon a thing of the past.

The bit that made me laugh in this article is singling out Musk as seemingly the only dangerous megalomaniac. All Bill Gates wants to do is cure malaria. Sure Dan, Gates isn’t the second largest donor to the WHO because of malaria. Remember Bill Gates is the guy who reinvented himself after he got caught trying to be the only company we could surf the net on.

Think about that for a second. Gates would have set himself up as the overseer of what we could view on the internet. That wouldn’t have lead to the Microsoft owner being in charge of what we could and couldn’t see, would it?

Klaus Schwab wants us to own nothing with his control over the world elite. Are you worried about that Dann?

Yes the powerful and rich play a different game and they like the fact they have control.

But the thing you seem to forget Mr. Dann is, you don’t need to be on Twitter.

I’m not on the twittersphere and virtually everyone I know has no interest in tweets. Unless there is something shared on a page that originated from Twitter, it wouldn’t play a part in my life whatsoever.

Just like MySpace If musk screws it up, people will stop using it. I see some users are vowing to leave. No doubt like all the celebrities that were going to move to NZ if Trump won the 2016 election.


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