Reality check on the war and the lies

Great article for those of you that think the war started a month ago and that Kiev was the target.

“Here’s the official U.S. narrative as echoed by the mainstream media: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was unprovoked, Putin’s three-day blitzkrieg of Kyiv has failed, Russian forces are bogged down and valiant Ukrainian troops are putting up a powerful defense and regaining lost ground with the help of weapons from NATO.

Here’s the real story: Russia’s invasion is the end result of 14 years of provocation by the West, including repeated declarations that Ukraine will join NATO and a U.S.-backed coup d’état in 2014 that displaced a pro-Russian president.”

Somehow the country of Ukraine, that 80% of the NZ population wouldn’t know where it is on a map, is the potential catalyst for WWIII and it’s all about the return of the Soviet Union

I just laugh at some of the media and blog sites that pride themselves on presenting accurate news. It takes half a gram of critical thought, a splashing of detective work served with a traditional loaf of history to see that what’s is going on is very different to what the MSM want to paint this picture as.

One unanswered question I do have is, how did Zelensky become a billionaire?

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