Record-high fertiliser prices in Australia could disrupt food supplies

Experts believe farmers may ration use of fertiliser, leading to lower yield and higher global food prices

Here is the impact from Zimbabwe/France ‘s perspective:

“The continuing declining of world wheat supply is worrying with Russia, a top wheat producer cutting its exports by 12.5 million metric tons to 72.5 million metric tons, the trend is also affecting Canada and USA, who are other top world wheat producers.

“World wheat supplies estimates for 2020/1 indicates a decline of 16.6 million tons to 1.066 billion metric tons. Consequently, end products are becoming expensive for the wheat importers worldwide. In France, prices of packaged pasta are likely to rise an average 10% to 20% due to increases in durum wheat prices, in August, the syndicate of industrial pasta manufacturers in France and the French committee for industrial semonilina said that climate change is endangering the pasta market,” concluded Musarara in a statement.

Yes, blaming climate change, of course…

A failed wheat crop
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