Remember that other Russian affair involving Trumps collusion?

Love him or hate him you can’t deny that more lies have been told about Trump in the media and by the opposition than the Orange Man ever created on his own.

Most of the media are very quiet on what Durham is uncovering between the Clinton team, Fusion GPS and the willing media.

It’s all being exposed now and it makes me wonder how many people still believe that Trump is really a Russian operative.

If you do or have any interest in the truth of the matter, you may want to read the excellent reporting on it by the Just the News team below

Don’t get your hopes up that Hilary Clinton will be wearing an orange jump suit anytime soon but there will be some sacrificial lambs to the slaughter.

Lawyer Michael Sussmann (appropriate name) and ex UK spy Christopher Steele are likely two on the chopping block.

In normal times, if there were ever such a thing, the goings on of the spying and deception by the Democrats (which include Biden and Obama) would have Nixon’s indiscretions pale in comparison. But because it’s Trump it just gets swept under the carpet.

Well at least there are still some journalists keeping those who want to listen updated on the Russia-Gate affair.

John Solomon is an award winning investigative journalist who used to work for The Hill

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