Remember to protest peacefully

I’m not suggesting that the South Island protesters have done anything wrong as I was not there, but the article serves as a reminder.

There is a difference between getting your message across and doing the movement harm.

It is easy to get labelled an antivaxxer in this day and age. Regardless of if you are against all vaccines or just do not agree this current push for a Pfizer vaccine, the media will not be kind to you.

Covid 19 outbreak: Parent outraged as anti-vax protesters gather outside Canterbury schools

Informed Consent is what we are meant to be afforded and no population is to be experimented on without consent.

This is the message, take a leaf out of the Canadian Truckers plight and get scientists and Doctors to provide further information to the public and avoid emotional confrontations.

Otherwise you will just turn people off, those who have made the choice to vaccinate themselves and their children will depend their decision as you can’t undo the vaccine, they will likely get annoyed at an aggressive protest.

We must all live with our decisions whether you choose to get the jab or not. Your fellow citizens are not the enemy. It is those that rule over us that are the ones who have serious questions they will soon need to answer.

There has been the added issue of mass formation psychosis and even talking calmly and non aggressively about issues with the vaccine will get many peoples back up. They have been filled to the brim with the fear and misinformation that has been spread by the government and complicit media and you will likely find yourself on the back of a verbal tirade no matter how calmly you present your side of the argument.

So be careful, respectful and use facts and knowledge to make your point.

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