Remember when science was scientific?

Whilst the celebrity scientists are busy hanging their participation awards on the walls of their offices and posing for photos.

The real scientists are working on ensuring that the response to the SARS COV 2 virus is more weighted in the real “evidence based” science domain, rather than the realm of popular political sciences where our celebrity scientists seem to roam.

Watch this latest video from Dr Sam on Dr Robin Wakeling requesting the scientific evidence from the Government for decisions made to control the virus.

Dr Wakeling is a microbiologist who’s work includes developing PCR forensic testing. He wrote to our prime minister requesting the scientific evidence that supports some of the aspects of the response.

The resulting slow reply to this request is just more proof that we have decision makers with zero knowledge on what they are doing.

This beggars belief and probably won’t be too surprising to those that have dug a little deeper into the science that drives our policy makers, but never the less is rather worrying.

It covers the governments justification on its response to the theory of asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19. More on the validity of PCR testing and the evidence (or non evidence) based science driving our response.

The link below is just the trailer to the video which is linked to the site where the full video can be seen

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