Right before your very eyes! Stolen!

By the legend Mr Burnside!

A quick explanation of what the Three Waters Reform means.

At the recent local govt conference (where the countries Mayors and Councillors go and hang together having a few bevvies) Nanaia Mahuta Minister of Local Govt offered this countries councils $2.5bil in compensation to sign over all their water infrastructure/assets; drinking, storm, wastewater to Govt control. Sounds like a lot of money aye, not when you consider the assets are worth $120billion, paid for by you through rates and rent for generations.

What this means is on average water rates will increase 36% to be paid to one of four govt owned companies established to manage the Three Waters – what’s it gonna do to rent prices for our most vulnerable?

The govt is sending the proposal to your local council this month and wants a decision by the end of Sept (next month). Any compensation to councils to be paid July 2024 – after the next election. There is no time for public consultation in the sale of your assets.

This from the most open and transparent Govt ever.

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