Robbo writes a letter to house prices

My grapevine tells me that there are some pretty silly ideas being thrown about in a desperate bid to stop the rampant rise in house prices.

Most are from the “house of no idea,” such as raising interest rates or taxing the crap out of housing.

Robbo has written to Adrian Orr to tell him to stop this increase by agreeing to do something that doesn’t make them go up. What that is we don’t know, seems nobody does.

Letter sent to reserve bank governor below

Labour slated National on its inaction on house prices, but all this action that Labour has taken is only shooting up the prices like flames up a lit curtain doused in petrol.

Tax could work though….put all the tax rates up, sprinkle in some wealth tax, a fat dobb of fuel excise and finish it off with raising GST to 20% and everyone moves to Aussie. Job done

House prices would likely collapse with those measures -Oh dear I didn’t just give them an idea did I?

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