Runny Nose

The most common symptom of the Omicron is a runny nose. Followed by headache, lethargy and a sore throat.

To date there has been the claim of one death in the UK to the Omicron, but no name, condition of the patient, age or any detail has been released which has lead to virtually all commentators doubting the credibility of the case.

In South Africa, the Omicron hot spot, as cases increase so have the availability of hospital beds. With most hospitalisations being for other purposes than covid it is looking more and more like a cold.

Meanwhile in NZ, the epidemiological “experts” we have the misfortune to have, are back talking about lock downs.

Yes it is too early to be certain we are dealing with a cold ,but the evidence is looking pretty strong.

South Africa are 4 weeks into their Omicron experience, and they certainly aren’t losing much sleep over it.

The evidence is looking like the Omicron can flatten its own curve. It certainly doesn’t need the likes of Rod Jackson to have his very public panic attacks over never letting us go to a green traffic light.

This really shows just how important it was that we got to 90% vaccination levels when a runny nose can threaten freedom.

In the UK you are now more of a risk to transmission if you are a vaccinated adult. Handy passport to have. It is now purely a passport to catch covid and not go to hospital. Omicron can do that for free. Oh the humanity 😱

I am now certain that the fear of covid being nothing more than a cold for most is the worst case scenarios for the celebrity scientists and politicians who have become synonymous with the daily briefs.

Baker will be back to being irrelevant after the long gap between AIDS and COVID. Jackson will have to go back to trying to ban sugary drinks and Wiles will be back to finding an even more outlandish colour to die her hair in YouTube videos.

Hendy will be back predicting sea level rise and the podium of truth will be put back into its box ready for an earthquake or volcano to be used for more concerned faces and single source of truths.

Hipkins can cross his legs and get on with focusing on the dire state of our education system and we can stop the roll out of credit score passports.

Yeah right. Isn’t it a shame that this is now more of a utopian dream? Almost 24 months of blasting us with people who died WITH COVID and it is unlikely the world will ever return anywhere near how we used to live – not being scared of a flu.

Many would feel naked without a mask so I guess these will continue to polite our seas. Vaccination status will be a constant source of restricting movement and what’s more, any future virus will be able to be used to shut down society for a quick few billion on a new jab in the arm. just look at the 2009 “pandemic” that no one remembers.

Or will we get a reprieve from medical emergencies so we can go back to the other manufactured emergency, Climate Change?

Either way, very soon, we are going to have to decide on whether we fight the Omicron or we just breath it in, get a runny nose and get on with life.

Don’t forget to get the tissues with Aloe Vera to protect your nose. Or will there be a jab for that too?

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