Russell Brand Speaks!

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By Will Ryan

I don’t normally agree with Russel Brand but he makes some fair points here and is honest about the corrupt corporate ties of the democrat party to Facebook, twitter, Google etc and the biden admin hiring donors already.

However, I’ve long heard lefties say they want “the money out of politics” without truly understanding why money is in politics. Corporatuons donate to politicians because they want a return on investment via favourable regulation. It is only because governments have power over the economy that said corporations have a financial interest to lobby. If we separated state and economy (as we did Church and State or as the world of blockchain based decentralised finance is attempting to do0, there would be no financial incentive in the first instance for the cronyism we see in every western democracy/republic.

The problem is the same lefties who want the money out of politics, want politicians to play with our money, run central banks, issue corporate and social welfare. Well, we can’t have a mixed economy without the crony corporate corruption- which they then blame on capitalism when it is the result of the state not the private sector existing. We can have voluntary trade without the government being a player in the market, but rather a referee. Currently we have a referee that is allowed to run with the ball and pass it to their mates, rather than simply enforce rules when they are broken.

Brand and other “democratic socialists” can’t understand or accept free-market capitalism, however, whilst falsely claiming we have it. So the mixed markets and corruption will continue forever and they will keep wondering why those close to power get inordinately wealthy and essentially fund future political leaders.

Politicians are an unproductive class of leeches, they cannot self-fund campaigns (which is why Trump was a brilliant exception), therefore they will always be beholding to the interests who sponsor their propaganda campaigns. Without spending millions on advertising, the masses wouldn’t vote for the Obama’s or Bidens of the world either, thus democracy does not level the playing field or solve the problem of fiscal inequality in a market economy sans politicians in the first place, rather it just supercharges the problem!

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