Russia False Flag claim is a U.S. False Flag Event

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is imminent according to Biden’s Intel. Notwithstanding how much of an oxymoron the words “Biden and Intel” in the same sentence is in itself. The claim is as ludicrous as it is false.

Biden and the bought and paid for lawmakers in charge at the moment are so deep in corruption and crippling economic times, that Putin is unfortunately only guilty of making fun of the special kid.

Let us forget the animal we are dealing with here, that we affectionally know as Brandon (LGB for short). LGB went to law school and finished top of his class, according to LGB on his 1988 attempt at being president.

Turns out he was caught out being full of it and pulled out of the race when he had to admit that you would need to remove the top 90% of his class and also the special kid from Alaska to make his claim close to being true. He ran for president almost more times than he has caught a nut in is zip pretending to be a life guard, and now only emits three fully comprehencible sentences a week including it pee pee time and do I have to go to work today. His biggest achievement every day is when he finally works out the woman he just woke up with doesn’t need paying as she is his wife.

Putin on the other hand releases intelligible info daily to the public detailing what, why and when he is doing what he is doing.

Ukraine is a geographical boundary for Russia. It holds no real value in its assets . Russia is not short of land, food resources or energy. Ukraine is simply an area that Russia would prefer to not be under the control of the EU or NATO.

The sabre rattling going on is a display of strength to warn the West that Russia is not interested in being neighbours to the basket case that is the E.U. so kindly piss off.

LGB’s administration has become less popular than a fart on a first date, a distraction is right up their ally right now to take peoples minds of how pathetically bad he and Cackling Kamala have become.

A little bit of Russia this, Russia that and people might forget about the cluster fuck of a job they are doing with running the most powerful nation in the world.

Meanwhile China is doing some fly by’s to spook the Taiwanese, but beating up on China is so Donald Trump, and why pick a fight with the tough asian guy when the old school bully from the 80’s is making noises in Europe.

What is interesting is what will good old Uncle Sam do now? on one hand war is good for business and a distraction. But on the other hand, who are they going to go to war with exactly Are they going to invade Russia for loitering with intent, or invade the Ukraine for some gas? Is there an even bigger false flag event coming soon to justify the Yanks having a crack at Georgia?

Its hard to say if there is some real strategy going on with this claim that the Ukraine is about to get invaded but its good to see the stupid isn’t limited to the Yanks. Nania Mahuta instructed Kiwis to get out of Ukraine just as long as they don’t try and come home..

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