Russia Ukraine, a great distraction for the inept governments

What’s really going on in Ukraine?

Let us not forget that Ukraine is a region with many factions of people with strong beliefs who rule over the people of their various regions of the country predominantly through thuggery.

Ironically, if you want real alt-right political beliefs, there are Ukrainian antisemitic organisations that still celebrate the Nazi objectives. A little different to the supposed alt-right here, that the social media channels will accuse someone of being. You get labelled as alt-right if you believe something crazy like people should work for their income. Rather than being on Work and Income, the first word of that title being completely redundant.

Ukraine was born in 1991 having never existed prior to this time. The residents of the region voted in large to be independent and the country was created.

However there is much animosity of many Ukrainians towards those that identify as Russian as the Ukrainians feel they were selectively exterminated through famine by the tyrants in Moscow.

This has meant that there are repressed people in areas that are welcoming the chance for independence.

Here is some independent commentary from the action

The first casualty of war is the truth.

We hope to continue to share some on the ground action from this attempted independence fight and what is really going on in Ukraine.

The second video shows why Trudeau may have ended the state of emergency in Canada. Real emergencies tend to put things in prospective.

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