Safe & Effective?

This from Mark Foo

I got a very angry message from someone I’m not going to name but basically it accused me of taking the P*izer clinical trial results out of context and she has challenged me to post the whole thing and highlight the relevant parts that she thinks proves I am wrong.

Happy to do this because the facts remain unchanged.34 people died and 20 of them were vaccinated. No one died from Covid. Only 170 people contracted it.

Here is the full document:

And the highlighted section that apparently provides context is attached too. The argument here is essentially that despite the above facts they still deemed it to be safe and effective.

I think everyone already knew this but if you didn’t know, let me tell you now. P*izer, and all of our governments have determined this vaccine to be “safe and effective” despite more people dying in the trials that were vaccinated vs unvaccinated.

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