Satellite temperature data back under 40 year average

Ardern’s claims of climate change being a “life or death moment” is such a disingenuous and dangerous claim to make.

It is inciting harm to the young who could feel depressed at the thought that man is destroying the planet with Co2. What is there to live for if we only have a few years to save the planet.

It’s a sick joke played by the politicians and other motivated players desperate to keep their funding for their research.

There is no doubt that we can do better protecting our environment, but the war on “carbon“ is based on a fallacious premise that is supported solely on climate modelling. Models that are as accurate as the movie “Shakespeare in love was on the famous playwright’s life.

For the third month this year, the global temperatures have dipped under the 40 year average.

The supposed trapped heat from Co2 has obviously found its way out and we are back to a pause in global warming that started at the same time as predictions of the glaciers in glacier park will be ice free by 2020

In reality it seems they have been predicting that one for a while now, as the video below shows.

So we have a documented warming of .14 degrees for each decade since we started true global data measurements.

At .14 degrees Celsius per decade it is pretty hard to argue anything but natural variation. A variation in temperatures you may expect coming out of an ice age.

The “blood on her hands” article that got a few people uppity on Facebook, refers of course to the cost to society both financially and emotionally of pushing the climate emergency agenda.

Link to that article here

It is as though science no longer matters. Observational data is ignored in favour for what may happen based on models, modelling based on a flawed premise from the get go which is it can only be CO2.

Watch how Ardern mocks some one sceptical of the merits of forced changes such as EV’s. The below video from about the 9 minute mark shows just how much Ardern is pushing the hoax. And that scientific debate is not even entertained any more.

Here is the temperature record from 1979. The base line is the 40 year average

There is no accelerated sea level rise. Increased storms or any of the claims.

It’s hot air out of politicians mouths and so well has the lie been sold you are now an outcaste of you debate the science.

Can anyone claim they would notice climate change if it wasn’t fit politicians and media pushing it in your face every day?

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