Schmee’s analysis of the the Part Time PM and her clan

With only a couple of days to go in July let’s have a look at the work rates and notable achievements of some the Labour cabinet.


Spent much of this month running around the world pretending to be our Foreign Minister, Minister for Trade and Minister for Travel & Tourism

Very little time spent on her own portfolios – Poverty, Ministerial Services, Arts & Culture.  I could be argued under Ministerial Services trying to do the jobs of other failing Minister’s was productive under that portfolio but sorry that’s not part of it.

Notable or Record setting achievement:

Child poverty is as record levels,  signed trade agreements for primary produce while legislating to make the production of that primary produce more difficult and expensive with costs of inputs at record high levels.

Record number of air miles travelled in one month by a NZ prime Minister,  therefore most likely also the record single month addition to a Prime Ministerial carbon footprint  (if you believe that sort of thing)


Released some good comedy around Luxon and proved his laughable lack of skill at his job will continue to be a joke played on the NZ voter for generations to come

Notable or Record setting achievement:

Highest change in rate of inflation in NZ History:  As minister of Sport record losses to the Ireland (All that money spent pandering to rugby during the illegal lockdowns was clearly well spent remember his words “…we have to move to protect the national game…”


Record number of months of Not being seen and Not doing anything.  Actual fact from the Newhubs News room (his nickname is Casper – don’t go there –  Mickey).  Did nothing for Children and child poverty.  Made no comment on the conviction of a prisoner who killed one of his employees. Had no input into objections by the PPTA of changes to curricula.


Set up new Ministerial Portfolio as  Minister of Ailses at Hardware Stores.  Has approved the use of new and untried imported products with no reference to Safety or quality standards

Likely future achievement    

New shoddy housing crisis

Notable or Record setting achievement: 

New record high tonnage in dirty coal imports to run clean EV’s (stop laughing)


Notable or Record setting achievement: 

New records attained  in all forms of violent crime in a single month with daily gun incidents going from 2 to 3 per day (this is of course fake news as we know because they took all the guns off the criminals). Also had no input into objections by the PPTA of changes to curricula.


Notable or Record setting achievement: 

Record numbers in Emergency Housing.  Child Poverty at record numbers


Notable or Record setting achievement:       

Got JA to try to do part of their job.  Has made no comment on the threat of foot and mouth  disease and has relied on Australia and Indonesia re-introducing mandatory foot/shoe washing at airport departure gates  – nothing done here to protect the farmers or Bio security in general.


Notable or Record setting achievement        

Got JA to try to do part of their job.  Got Husband an additional Local Body consultancy.  Made record payments to Local bodies from central Government funds to support 3 Waters legislation


Notable or Record setting achievement  

Continues to ignore all of the data that says there is very little global warning and trucks on selling a flawed narrative


Notable or Record setting achievement     

As Consumer Affairs Min. looked at the Duopoly in the Supermarket industry, made some noise around them selling and him buying some land to build supermarkets (I think for the ministry but his comments were not overly clear – as a failed doctor and Minster elsewhere perhaps he is planning for life after politics and building and renting out supermarkets.) Biggest achievement – went to a shop.


Notable or Record setting achievement  

Oversaw the first days of the worlds newest Apartheid based health system.


Notable or Record setting achievement   

Moved more advertising around Health and in particular Covid to more Social media platforms and in the process, with a few days to go,  setting a new high in, to used JA’s words, funding the propaganda around Covid


As Minister of Disability Services, looked at the above list of Associates and said this Portfolio is too big for one Minister

Overall  very productive and record setting month

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