Sea level rise and Unicorns

It is true the sea level is rising.

Fortunately scientist have been measuring the sea level for much longer than we have accurate global temperature data.

Global temperatures have been hard to get quality true measurements from the farther back you go (pre satellite) as the job of getting data off every global measuring station required very good data sharing over the years with its obvious difficulties. How well did we really measure global data in 1880? Or 1915 for that matter. 1940? The reality is that pre satellite measurements we have a very limited set of data and that’s before you have it tampered with and adjusted.

However measuring the sea level is also not the easiest task. The nature of water is it is not a flat static height. Measuring it is more akin to trying to evaluate a drunk riding a bull going up and down a lift.

A tide gauge measures the continued rise and fall of swells and tides using a float attached to a pencil plotting a graph every minute of every hour of every day, week, month of the year.

This varying height is the averaged out to give a mean water level.

One measuring station is located on the western side of the largest body of water on earth we know as the Pacific Ocean. Named after its peaceful appearance.

This measuring station is called Fort Denison .

Here is the data going back quite a few years.

The slow and steady rise is due to the slow changes in the global climate which is what scientists call an interglacial period.

It is well understood (for now) that we are still coming out of a glacial period (ice age), which is understood to be affected by a phenomenon called the Melakjvitch Cycle.

This is essentially, both a slow wobble in the earths Axis, where the axis of the earth tilts on a greater or lesser degree. And a difference in the shape of the orbit around the sun. This is a cycle which runs circa 80,000 years and takes us from ice ages to warmer times and back again.

You can see we have a slow but very steady average increase in sea level. Interestingly, the sea level has been dropping in recent times reducing the overall upward trend but this is normal and if we take the average rise from 1885 to 2010 the sea has risen .65 of a mm per year.

It doesn’t stop the alarmism though.

Here is a recent headline.

This is all to warn us of the cataclysmic sea rise we all face if we don’t do something.

So, where does the unicorn come into this story?

Well the theory of the unicorn is likely to have stemmed from people finding Narwhal tusks washed up on the shore.

Not knowing what they were the ancient folk speculated what creature could have shed such an amazing horn. Those who found these horns imagined they must have come from something wonderful and settles on a magical horse with a solitary horn on its snout.

I dare say the theory that they pooped ice cream was added later in the piece. But although no one had ever seen such a magnificent beast, The science was settled.

In more recent times we have used our knowledge and observational science to work out they are not from magical horses but are from a sea mammal. I’m sure the young lady above will not be told in all seriousness that it is from a magical horse that poops Icecream.

However no doubt she and all other kids are being educated that sea level rise is an existential threat and we must do something about it.

Alas, accelerated sea rise and the lonely unicorn are both mythical creatures. Yet we are told today, with our great scientific brains trust of ‘climate scientists’ that we are all about to succumb to rapid and deadly sea rise.

Let’s look at another long standing tide gauge from the opposite side of the world to check it’s not just the west coast of Australia that isn’t about to drown in Al Gore predictions.

It is about now that I hear Jack Whites voice in my head singing “steady as she goes”

We are about to be subjected to more and more of this nonsense as the media and politicians hype up the climate emergency.

New laws will be made based on this emergency propaganda. Laws being based in this myth, that will force us to spend more on fixing something that is not based on empirical data, but just fear and threats.

All we can do is help you go find out for yourself on just how much nonsense this is. We encourage you to find and store info before the various ministries of truth remove the evidence.

Wikipedia used to have a page that listed all the scientists who don’t buy into the man made climate catastrophe.

This page was removed about a year ago.

There are highly qualified and respected scientists who also debate the political scare mongering but they are being slowly silenced.

The 97% consensus is also a total fabrication, which has been spread by one of the alarmists biggest propaganda merchants called John Cook of A page so full of mis-truths and junk science that it received an award for educating people – go figure.

He even has a course on how to argue with deniers, I guess that’s us.

Funny thing is, I got banned from their Facebook page for asking tricky questions on their science 🤔

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