Sea level rise, better than best case scenario

The IPCC alarmism is obviously calculating the noise of COVID 19. To get any attention they have had to take the alarmism to the next level.

Melting glaciers are going to make sea level rise accelerate. There is no reversing this rise for up to 200 years, according to the IPCC.

NOAA have provided graphs that show 6 scenarios of sea level rise acceleration from circa the year 2000. Here is what they look like.

You can see the measured sea level rise on the left and then the prediction starting at around the 1998 mark.

The measured data is at or below the best case scenario

Here are a few more of the potential acceleration versus real life.

What does this mean?

For one, there is not any melting of the glaciers at any level that is accelerating.

If the glaciers were melting faster than what the interglacial period was already doing, one of the accelerated predictions of upward movement would be showing by now.

The global tide gauges are showing no acceleration. Ergo glaciers are melting at same pace they were at pre industrial times.

Where’s the 1.1 degree of warming this might make you ask.

Here is 160 years of sea level rise.

Zero acceleration.

But will the IPCC tell us about this?

No one says it better than Tony Heller from real climate science.

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