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So this afternoon my 10yr old & I were out & about doing our usual Sunday, McD’s for brunch, we then picked up a few items from the supermarket on the way home when she says “dad when i’m older I think i’m going to identify as non binary”.

FFS!! Thanks very much you woke morons! Now im having to tell a 10yr old to ignore all that nonsense & just enjoy being a kid! Basically all I said was there are two sexes, that’s it! On a small occasion deformities happen, ergo Hermaphrodite’s etc & also in later life some people feel more comfortable as the opposite sex & some even let our amazing leaps in science & medicine help to make a physical transition. But again you don’t need to occupy your mind with that at 10yrs old. If you decide later in life to do the above that’s your choice & we’ll love you & support you if you make that personal decision. It matters not what your sexuality is, that does not define you & you shouldn’t be judged by that as its a personal decision & a lifestyle, it doesn’t harm anyone so is none of anyone’s business to judge it. Get ready for people to have differing opinions so you need to develop thick skin! But at the end of the day the vast majority of people on the planet are boys & girls, men & women & they are attracted to the opposite sex, that’s normal, but its also normal for a small percentage to be gay & trans. It’s not a big deal. I also told her dad has friends that are gay & one of the reasons we are friends is they don’t wear their sexuality on their sleeve’s. They just get on with being decent human beings that are a lot of fun to be around & lead good productive lives!

So yea thanks you woke fuckwits! Another bullshit topic I have to counter with my off spring in order to keep the balanced. The list is getting long! She gets tuned up to the nonsense in Politics, Science, Medicine & of course climate change. She hears me bang on about the corruption in this world so much she said to me the other day….”Dad, you can be a bit of a Karen sometimes” ha ha ha, thanks love!

But at the end of it all I said this….”don’t listen to dad, don’t listen to anyone, check the credibility of everything yourself. Others will share their opinions but take them as just that & look into things yourself. Seek out opposing opinions so you know both sides of the topic & form your own opinion. Because everyone has an agenda, accept me 😉

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