Self-assembling vaccine clot biostructures harvest conductive metals from your blood?

Many of us have seen how formations have occurred that make up alien looking shapes in the blood that has been mixed with the vaccine.

While doctors consider what these formations are, there are definite side effects from these structures that are forming.

Clots that are not made of blood but rather conductive metals such as tin that are collected from your blood.

This is one of the odd ones to come out of the vaccine production and there is more info coming on this next week.

We shall stay tuned to some expert opinion on clots that are not made of blood.

The way things have been going these days it will probably be found they are controlled with 5G, but I haven’t ventured too close to that rabbit hole. in fact I rather avoid it altogether if possible, but self forming conductive metals turning into alien structures in your blood is out there.

no doubt there will be a perfectly logical explanation……


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