Serving the unvaccinated 😱

The media are reporting on a phenomenon that will no doubt have the self appointed Gestapo up in arms.

Some businesses and government departments are allowing the unvaccinated into the premises and even are serving them.

Oh noooooo the humanity

Taranaki city council are one such organisation and to date they have received five complaints.

Libraries have been one service that has a different set of rules wherever you might find yourself. Many are forbidding the pure bloods from entering their establishments, but a big shout out to Taranaki for not joining the apartheid. Perhaps I need to be living in our energy region.

The best sign displaying the condition of entry was a cafe in Auckland stating that the condition of entry was, “no one speaketh of the vaccination.“

I bet if we all stopped talking about the virus, it would magically disappear. In absence of that reality however, let’s hope Omicron does what Pfizer couldn’t and provides us all with a safe and effective immunity to the RONA.

If you had the J&J vaccine you need a booster after 2 months. I bet a few people are a little miffed at that reality. That’s really putting the ef in effective.

Well it would be nice if there were a business directory for the pure-bloods. Let us lower class citizens know where we can congregate without being persecuted against. Those brave vaccinated people can come and mingle with us if they choose. Or they can stay where one lady on the 6pm news said last night . “I feel safe knowing that I am sitting with only vaccinated people.” Bless you dear, you sit wherever you feel safe, even if you are just as safe from an infected vaccinated person as you are from an infected unvaccinated one.

Last time I checked the only person you can’t catch covid off is someone who doesn’t have it.

But that logic has been scrambled from the info emanating from the podium of truth.

We shall keep monitoring the social divide that Labour have brought to the virus response. Has someone told Ardern yet that whilst you need to break a few eggs to make an omelette you don’t need to seperate the yokes from the whites.

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