Settled Science eh?

Sea level rise has had modelling predictions that are about as accurate as the temperature increases we were meant to have experienced by now, the melting of the poles that would see us now being able to paddle across the North Pole during the ice free summers and pretty much every other alarmist bollix prediction such as increased storms, tornados and glacier free national parks..

The more we measure, the more we need to adjust the recorded data to get justify the money we spend on climate fear. No predictions arrive but we can get closer by changing history.

The myth that science is somehow settled by a vote of confidence has also been disproved in more varieties than Heinz products and universities proving popular hypothesis by designing experiments to prove the desired outcome is only taking us back to the days where the Pope was the chief scientist.

So while politicians who are facing a poor election in the short term tell us that we need to spend more tax revenue on solving issues that are based on fabricated scientific evidence, there are some scientists who have remembered there is a scientific method. Something almost lost in the day of attracting funds being more important than genuine scientific discovery.

Thankfully this new scientific method of, proving your theory is true, occurred well after important inventions such as that of aeroplane flight and the proof of elevation. Otherwise science would likely be more interested in the gender of an aeroplane and how racist the runway is before insuring take off’s and landings are safer than driving a car.

So back to sea level rise.

Firstly global warming and sea level rise are real. logically, in an interglacial period, we will experience sea level rise, an in-between period, and then a decline back to an ice age.

We are currently experiencing a slow warming which is also  joined with a gentle increase in sea level. We have measured both of these phenomena for a while now and so we have some data to study.

While scientists come up with peer reviewed work on why the sea level is rising in a rapidly increasing rate, we also have scientists who have alternate hypothesis.

Before you say, “how dare you,” it is actually how science is done. debate and presentations of evidence that can be discussed is how we progress. As Einstein famously said,” it only takes one person to disprove your theory and its back to the drawing board.” admittedly he probably said that in German but you get the picture.

So an alternate Hypothesis is linked below (warning, this has scientific evidence to support this theory which is very rare in climate science these days)

I’m just going to let the graphs below of sea level rise around the globe do the talking, but if you want a more scientific description then go to the link above.

there are many more measurements you can check for yourself on the tide charts of the world. the ones above have been selected because of their length of time measured and being from around the world.

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