Seymour draws a line in the sand with a stick of ignorance.

For those hoping the freedom of choice destination was a vote for ACT, think again. Seymour is just another who rushed in to get the jab after doing his own “research” and now can’t back down on this hasty decision so doubles down by insulting a good chunk of his backers.

Sorry David you ended up on the wrong side of the fence here and let’s have a little look at why.

Davids Post

Point 1. starts of well but,

Point 2. who demands it exactly? I’d like to see the polling on who the needle nazi’s are versus freedom of choice advocates, who you obviously are not David.

It doesn’t need to be a giant conspiracy to be wrong, a 10 year testing process was packed into less than a year and even the inventor of mRNA technology (who is vaccinated) is not in favour of these ludicrous mandates, or giving out vaccinations willy nilly. There is plenty that can and is going wrong with this technology you are so enamoured with, and just because you did your research 15 minutes after the vaccine came out (about 2 years before the safety trial was due to end I might ad) doesn’t mean the bulk of the nation is in your corner. Plenty are we agree but you seem to have forgotten something. you are a minor party who peaked a month ago.

It seems you have forgotten you are a minor party and “the minority” are your voters. All the good work you have done is likely to see you fall off the train of momentum. Arrogance has become you and you have inadvertently and needlesly rendered yourself irrelevant. Do you want to be simply the party those who can’t bring themselves to vote for National will vote for. Luxon will vacuum your votes and if National go down the real freedom of choice route, you will be left shouting for something that goes against the very thing we thought ACT stood for, Freedom of choice.

Oh how we had high hopes, but unfortunately it is your ego that is doing the policy setting now and why? Because you blindly bought the Safe and Effective nonsense. did you call it a vaccine?

Good work on taking a stance – unfortunately for Planet B, it is one thing to claim you are for freedom of choice. It is another to pretend you are, when you are simply another guy who can’t admit he may of been a bit hasty rushing out to get a jab.

Remember David, a big chunk of these people you think are in the majority are made up of people who

  • share your feelings on the mRNA technology but don’t believe in mandates
  • were forced to get the vaccine
  • regret taking the vaccine for many reasons
  • have not rushed out to take a medicine that was developed faster than it takes to brew a cup of tea.

Perhaps you could just stick to law and order as everything else is becoming a bit like everything else that comes out of the average politicians mouth. Unbelievable.

So you can be a little better informed on the vaccine please watch this video

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