Seymour Says Some of the Dumbest Things

Politicians do and say some pretty stupid things at times, but Seymour comparing Trevor Mallard to Donald Trump shows Seymour truly fell out of the dumb-arse side of the bed the day he dreamed up that stheory.

When you look at the justification of how his mental gymnastics arrived at this conclusion, it seems Seymour spends more time on dreaming up idiotic anecdotes rather than grasping geopolitics

“I call him Trevor Trump. The thing about Donald Trump is he benefited enormously from growing up in American democracy, then he trashed the institutions that gave him the life he had.”

Regardless of if you are a TDS trump hater or just look sideways at the man, Mallard and Trump are as comparable as a motorbike and a milkshake.

The Trump MAGA movement is probably closer aligned to Seymours political dream than anything Mallard stood for. If anyone could be compared to Trump in our political system, I would be celebrating that fact. Or should we pray for a Joe Biden, or a Borris Johnson, perhaps we should yearn for a Barack Obama. All of whom have overseen a decline in their respective countries fate.

In recent times the only Leader who has started a country back on a path that moves away from woke socialist ideology, is Trump. And now we are to see Mallard and the Orangeman as two peas in a pod?

Trump certainly had a unique way of conducting himself which is mostly born his apolitical background, yet he still wields a huge amount of influence over the GOP, he is immensely popular and is a contender to run again. He was the first President to lose an election with a net gain in votes. (nothing to see here of course)

Mallard is more comparable to an overzealous teacher with a chip on his shoulder, which ironically is what he was in a prior life.

Seymour is obviously hoping to score some points on the back of the current January 6 committee hearing kangaroo court which is only being followed by those still frothing at the mouth over Trump.

Yes Trump is egotistical and self promoting, it is what made him a wealthy household name. It took getting into politics for the mass dislike to arrive, fuelled largely by mistruths and covert manipulation by the media and other agencies.

You don’t have to like the guy, as he does a good job on his own of putting people off, but you can’t deny that he got into politics based on a lifetime of criticising the Government. He stayed true to his goals for his country and most importantly he delivered what he promised. Something Mallard or virtually any other  politician before him find it oh so difficult to do.

I think my inheritance from my unknown wealthy uncle in Kenya will arrive before a NZ politician delivers on all their election promises.

There’s a goal for you Seymour, be an effective politician rather than a goof, Stop buying into the fear porn of pandemics and dare to stand up for the things you believe in such as the fabrication of Climate Change.

They will do you better than pandering to the public with wildly inaccurate analogies.



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